Genie Global President interprets three development trends in the 2022 industry
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By Eric chen | 16 August 2022 | 0 Comments

Genie Global President interprets three development trends in the 2022 industry

Development of electric drive equipment

The global popularization of environmental protection and emission reduction regulations and policies has undoubtedly promoted the high -speed development of electric drive high -altitude vehicles. But the most critical point is that the leasing company and end users need to be safe and efficient on the construction site and bring economic benefits.

With the development of industry experience on the high -altitude operation platform for nearly 60 years, and the market verification of nearly 40 years since the advent of the first electric drive equipment in Gini, the Gini team is committed to continuously providing innovative applications for leasing partners to bring higher returns. , Lead the industry development. The electric arm -type high -altitude operating platform and electric drive scissors we are developing can not only reduce emissions and noise pollution, but also complete work safely and efficiently to meet the needs of different operating conditions.

     As Genie has always emphasized: the most important thing for equipment is quality, so we cannot simply convert diesel engine equipment into electric machines. We are studying, testing, and developing the leading technologies of the industry's leading technologies to accelerate the process of electrifying, and we are committed to providing customers with a sustainable development of innovative new energy equipment solutions.

      In addition to meeting changing working conditions, using an electric high -altitude operation platform can also develop more construction site applications for increasingly strict emissions and noise standards. Low -emission and low -noise electric drive equipment can be used in room, densely populated areas, and even at night.

Follow the total cost of equipment (TCO)

As the profit of the equipment is constantly being squeezed by inflation and the supply chain problem, more and more leasers have begun to pay attention to the total holding costs of the equipment. This means not only considering the purchase price of the machine, but also the maintenance cost of equipment during the entire life cycle of the product and the residual value of the second phone. If your device often fails at the work site, it will cause intangible damage to the company's brand and reputation. The development of leaseders is becoming more and more mature. They also hope that the equipment they buy is not only reliable, durable, easy to maintain, but also bring higher investment returns.

Another factors that leasing companies are increasingly concerned are investment returns (RROICs), which involves procurement prices, warranty, components, maintenance, rental rates and second -hand residual values. When Genie develops new products and updates its existing product lines, the total cost of equipment holding (TCO) and investment return rate (RROIC) are our first choice. The electric drive scissors launched by Genie are a good example. By reducing the design and optimization of hydraulic hoses and accessories, the maintenance cost of these devices has been reduced by 35%. Because there is no engine, it does not need to spend oil, oil filter, diesel filter and other maintenance costs.

Development of digital applications

Remote information technology is not a new thing, it is developed in the high -altitude vehicle industry. Data analysis and industry insights provided by it are more important than before.

Remote information processing technology can provide information about the condition of the machine and the fleet managers, including preventive maintenance needs and potential issues. With this information, equipment managers can better prevent preventive maintenance and improve normal operation time. This information can also help technicians diagnose the problem of on -site equipment remotely, save time, and improve the efficiency of equipment maintenance.

Genie® Lift Connect ™ remote information processing technology launched by Genie enables the team managers to use digital report identification issues, search for equipment numbers or models, and understand the utilization rate of the device to maximize work efficiency.

All in all, the technological innovation we see now is making the high -altitude operating platform industry developing in a more secure, efficient and sustainable direction. This is also helping the equipment owner to maximize the use of each minute and every penny.

With profound cognition and practice of global industries, Genie will continue to work to provide customers with high -investment returns' full life cycle service solutions to help customers achieve sustainable profit growth.

Ginno's success comes from the success of customers, so now, and in the future!

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