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By Eric chen | 19 August 2022 | 0 Comments

3246ES and 2632ES cutting high -altitude operation platform for 7 construction site scene inspection

Both 3246ES and 2632ES belong to the high -altitude operating platform under the United States JLG . Unlike other arm -type devices, cutting high -altitude operation platforms have certain requirements for the workplace. , Mainly have the following 7:

1. Before the operation of 3246ES and 2632ES cutting high -altitude operation platform and during operation, users must take preventive measures to avoid dangerous in the working area.

2. When this platform is located on trucks, trailers, trailers, rails, floating ships, scaffolds or other equipment, unless this application has already built a written license in writing, it is not possible to operate or cut the high -altitude operation platform.

3. Before the operation, check whether there are power lines, bridges cranes and other potential head obstacles above the work area.

4. Check whether there are empty holes, drums, steep slopes, obstacles, dandruff, hidden empty caves and other potential dangers in the work area.

5. Check whether there are dangerous positions in the work area. Unless the CICC is permitted, 3246ES and 2632ES may not be operated in a dangerous environment.

6. Check whether the ground conditions are enough to support the*large tire load indicated on the tire load sign next to each wheel.

7. The nominal environmental temperature range of -20 ° C to 40 ° C (0 ° F to 104 ° F) can operate the shear high-altitude operation platform within the environmental temperature range. If you need to work outside of this temperature, please consult HORIZON.

3246ES and 2632ES cutting high -altitude operation platforms are mainly used in conventional environments. For use in severe weather or environment, be sure to confirm with Horizon (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in advance! Horizon is the agent of JLG Jlg JLG in the Chinese region. It is mainly engaged in the sales and training of JLG's bargaining, curved arm, mast, sleeve type, spider -type high -altitude operation platform, training, training, training, training, training, training, Maintenance, accessories and after -sales service, welcome to WhatsApp: +8618217251538

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