7 items that must be understood by JLG high -altitude operation platform operator training must be understood
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By Eric chen | 19 August 2022 | 0 Comments

7 items that must be understood by JLG high -altitude operation platform operator training must be u

Although the JLG high -altitude operating platform is simple, as a professional high -altitude operation equipment, it still needs to be more secure in professional operators during use, or the operation of the operation after training is more*. The following are 7 items that Horizon compiled about the training of JLG high -altitude operation platform operator training.

1. Before operating the JLG high -altitude operation platform, please read, understand and study the "Operation and Safety Manual". For issues related to clarification, issues or related parts, please contact JLG Industries, LNC. Or Horizon.

2.*Personalized training (including identification and hazards related to operation related to operation) on the high -altitude operation platform has been authorized to receive appropriate training (including identification and avoiding danger of operations) on the high -altitude operation platform.

3. Employees can operate a high -altitude operating platform only by appropriate training related to specific equipment operations. Users should confirm whether the employees of the operation high -altitude operating platform before operation have corresponding qualifications.

4. You must read, understand and follow all the "danger", "warnings", "warning" and operation description in the equipment and this manual.

5. It should be ensured that the device is used for the application scope determined by JLG or Horizon.

6. All operators must fully understand the expected use and functions of the high -altitude operating platform controller, including platforms, ground, and emergency decline controllers.

7. Reading, understanding, and abide by all employers, local competent authorities and governments related to the application of high -altitude operation platforms.

Horizon is a*agent in the United States JLG in China. It is mainly engaged in the sales, training, maintenance, accessories, and accessories of JLG And after -sales service, WhatsApp: +8618217251538

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