High -altitude operation platform operation safety precautions
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By Eric chen | 19 August 2022 | 0 Comments

High -altitude operation platform operation safety precautions

During the operation of the high -altitude operation platform, the operator should be fully focused. Before using a device that may decentralize operators such as mobile phone and wireless intercom, etc., device*should be stopped.

Do not use the high -altitude operation platform to any other uses other than transport personnel and their tools and equipment.

Before starting the operation, users must understand the functions of the device and the work characteristics of all functions.

Forbidden equipment with abnormal operation functions. If a failure occurs, the device must be closed. Let the high -altitude work platform stop work and notify the relevant departments.

Do not disassemble, modify or stop any safety device.

Do not pull the control switch or control rod through the gap and push directly to the opposite direction. Before switching to the next function, you should first move it back to the empty position and stop. Use slow and uniform force to operate the controller.

Unless the situation is urgent, it is forbidden to regulate or operate the equipment from the ground under the situation on the platform.

Without the permission of Zhongjian Jincheng, items are prohibited directly on the platform guardrail.

When there are two or more workers on the high -altitude operation platform, the operator must be responsible for all equipment operations.

At any time, it is necessary to ensure that the electric tool has been stored.

It is forbidden to use the pull -down -to -ear to help the device that is pushed into or fails without using the tangible ear.

Before leaving the high -altitude operation platform, the platform*should be reduced and all the power supply should be cut off.

Before the device, you should remove all rings, watches and jewelry. Do not wear loose clothes and prohibit long hair from lining, so that your hair may be involved in the device.

Persons after drinking or taking medicine, personnel who have seizures of epilepsy, dizziness or persons who cannot control the body prohibit the operation of this equipment.

The hydraulic cylinder of the high -altitude operation platform will be affected by thermal expansion and contraction. When the device is static, this may cause the platform position to change. The factors affecting the heat motion may include the length of the device, the temperature of the hydraulic oil, the environmental temperature, and the location of the platform.

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