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By Eric chen | 01 September 2022 | 0 Comments

How do I start the Genie Aerial Work Platform Pump?

The following * is for Genie aerial work platforms S100, S105, S120 and S125, the full text has 8 steps, * for reference.

ATTENTION: The Genie Aerial Work Platform safety piece is at risk of damage. Make sure the hydraulic tank shutoff valve is open before starting the pump. The engine must not be started when the shut-off valve is closed, otherwise it will cause damage to the first piece.

1. Connect a 0-600psi (0-41bar) pressure gauge to the test port under the drive pump.

2. Cummins and Perkins models: Remove the engine pivot plate fasteners. Push the pivot plate away from the machine and into the fuel injection pump.

3. Locate the fixing hole at the rear of the engine pivot plate of the Genie aerial work platform.

4. Secure the engine pivot plate with the fasteners just removed.

Warning: Crushing hazard. Failure to secure the pivot plate can result in serious injury or death.

5. Deutz model: Disconnect the engine wiring harness of the fuel cutoff solenoid valve on the injection pump. Cummins and Perkins models: Disconnect the wire from the fuel shutoff solenoid on the jet pump.

6. Another person cranks the Genie aerial work platform motor for 15 seconds, waits 15 seconds, and cranks for another 15 seconds until the pressure reaches 250psi/17.2bar.

WARNING: Risk of personal injury. When cranking, keep hands, loose clothing and hair away from all moving engine parts.

7. Deutz model: connect the engine wiring harness to the fuel cutoff solenoid valve of the injection pump. Cummins and Perkins models: Connect the solenoid valve wires on the jet pump.

8. Start the engine and check the hydraulic leakage of the Genie aerial work platform.

Special Note: If you do not have experience in repairing Genie aerial work platforms, please do not operate it yourself!

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