How to Remove a Genie Aerial Work Platform's Drive Pump
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By Eric chen | 16 September 2022 | 0 Comments

How to Remove a Genie Aerial Work Platform's Drive Pump

The following * is for Genie Aerial Work Platforms S100, S105, S120 and S125, the full text has a total of 7 steps, * for reference.

Genie Aerial Work Platform is a bi-directional variable displacement piston pump when the pump is driven. The displacement of the pump is controlled by an Electronic Displacement Controller (EDC) mounted on the pump. *The available adjustments are neutral or normal* adjustments. Any operation inside the pump must be certified by Sundstrand-Sauer.

ATTENTION: The Genie Aerial Work Platform safety piece is at risk of damage. When doing this, the floor of the work area must be clean and free of debris, otherwise serious damage to the first piece will be caused once it enters the hydraulic system. *There are dealers for service.

Tip: When removing a hose assembly or fitting, the O-ring must be replaced and tightened according to the torque instructions.

1. Remove the functional pump. See How to Remove a Functional Pump.

2. Disconnect the electrical connector of the displacement controller (EDC).

3. Close the two shut-off valves of the hydraulic oil tank.

ATTENTION: Hazard of damage to the first piece. When the fuel tank shut-off valve is closed, the engine must not be started, otherwise it will cause damage to the first part. When the tank shut-off valve is closed, remove the main switch key and mark it to inform the operator.

4. Tag, disconnect and plug the hydraulic hoses on the drive pump and cap the fittings on the pump.

Caution: Personal injury hazard. Spilled hydraulic fluid can penetrate and burn the skin. When loosening hydraulic fittings, you need to be very slow, allowing the pressure to gradually release. Prevent hydraulic fluid from spraying or splashing.

5. Support the drive pump with suitable lifting equipment and remove the mounting fasteners of the two pumps.

6. Carefully pull out the pump until the pump adapter separates from the corrugated plate.

7. Remove the Genie aerial work platform drive pump.

ATTENTION: Hazard of damage to the first piece. Once the pump is installed, be sure to open the two hydraulic tank shutoff valves and the main boom pump.

TIP: Verify proper pump connector clearance before installing Genie Aerial Pumps.

Special Note: If you do not have experience in repairing Genie aerial work platforms, please do not operate it yourself!

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