How to judge whether the aerial work platform is good or bad?
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By Eric chen | 16 September 2022 | 0 Comments

How to judge whether the aerial work platform is good or bad?

Social development is getting faster and faster, and infrastructure construction is getting bigger and bigger. As a representative of large-scale modern intelligent industrial machinery, aerial work platforms are increasingly appearing in our field of vision. Due to its safety, stability and safety, aerial work platforms are used as important construction equipment in many fields such as new projects, maintenance of aerial facilities, and municipal transportation. How to judge whether the aerial work platform is good or bad? If you want to purchase or lease, what brand should you choose?

You need to consider the following three aspects:

1. Functional safety (standard certification guarantee)

When purchasing a piece of equipment, the first thing to consider is safety. Each piece of equipment will declare that its product is qualified when it leaves the factory. However, as an industrial machine, in addition to the factory certificate, there should be high standards to improve safety. At present, the world's first certification for aerial work platforms mainly includes: European standard CE, American standard ANSI and national standard GB. Therefore, before you purchase equipment, you can consult the supplier to see if the purchased equipment conforms to CE, ANSI or national standards.

2. Quality stability

Every mature product must be tested in the market. A brand that has been in the market for many years will naturally have its corresponding reputation. JLG, Genie and Zhejiang DingLi DingLi, which has entered the top echelon of aerial work platforms, are far away in terms of market share. The spread of word of mouth is naturally exchanged for stable and reliable quality.

At this time, you can also refer to the brand and model used by the equipment rental company. The equipment used for leasing will experience a relatively harsh working environment, and the quality stability of the equipment is very high, so the equipment used by the leasing company must be of reliable quality.

If you are on the construction site, you can also ask the operator, especially in large-scale construction sites, when multiple brands of aerial work are working together, the answer will be more meaningful.

In addition to selling aerial work platforms, China Construction Jincheng is also active in the rental market of aerial work platforms.

As early as 2012, in the elevated construction project of the Second Ring Road in Chengdu, China Construction Jincheng was the general contractor for aerial work platform services, and mobilized 80% of the boom trucks to participate in the construction, which contributed to the safety and security of the project. Since then, a large amount of equipment quality data has been accumulated.

Aerial work platform

Over the years, China Construction Jincheng has a relatively objective understanding of the quality and stability of the brands and models of aerial work platforms. Through the statistical analysis of the data of the after-sales service department of China Construction Jincheng, we can get the * with reference value.

3. Cost-effective

Cost-effectiveness includes many factors, including price, performance efficiency, maintenance cost, failure rate and value retention rate. Specifically, price affects the buyer's cash flow and cost recovery cycle.

Performance efficiency affects the use value. In the same working environment, different brands are used, and the work efficiency sometimes varies greatly. Such as climbing performance, battery life, carrying capacity, etc. are specific considerations for performance efficiency.

The maintenance cost needs to be considered comprehensively. On the one hand, the capital investment and the cost of delaying the construction period corresponding to the failure rate must be considered, and on the other hand, the price of the accessories and the delivery time of the accessories must be considered. In general, domestic brands have a slight advantage in this regard.

The significance of the preservation rate is that in some cases, the aerial work platform will flow as an asset, and the residual value of the equipment at this time is also a more important part of the cost performance. Brands with a high market share are more likely to find buyers. Basically, JLG, DingLi, and Genie have relatively higher purchase prices for used equipment.

How to choose the brand of the aerial work platform, mainly considering the above factors, choose the best brand (including Chinese national products). If you need to choose other brands due to certain considerations, please check the relevant information to fully understand the maintenance, spare parts cost and other services.

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