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By Eric chen | 21 September 2022 | 0 Comments

Genie lift

The US Genie High -Altaric High -Altarium is engaged in a self -walking high -altitude operation platform. Global high -altitude operation platform*brand -Genie. In the past half a century, with safety as the first continuous innovation, its*high -altitude operation platform has been raised from 5 meters to 54.9 meters. Each*improvement has adhered to the brand slogan of Genie's "Taking you to*". Today, Genie's brand is not*is the high -altitude operating platform market, and it is also the*of the industry's "security gene".

Genie, which means "Elf", in Washington, USA in 1966, the founder Bud  developed a mobile pneumatic improving machine. The name was born. When this blue elves jump out of the ancient oil lamp and become a wonderful equipment close to the sky, people have opened unlimited expectations for the sense of security it brought by it. In Seattle, full of unlimited hope, Genie started a workshop with only two employees, and in 1970 developed a true mobile high -altitude operating platform, more and more "Genie Blue" slowly appeared in all parts of the world. Help build various projects.

In the 1970s, Genie continued to open up new product lines to introduce SuperLIFT super brackets. With the continuous improvement of technology,*Taiwan-style Z series high-altitude operating platform was born in 1985, and then telescopic straight-arm S series high-altitude operating platform and*straight-arm-based high-altitude operation platform Genies-65 Gradually well -known by users.

In 1996, for Genie's historic year, AWP, IWP, and DPL Super Series were launched, which comprehensively improved the production and supply of product lines and provided solutions for applications in more fields. After that, Genie introduced the Super Booms series with a work height of more than 100 feet (30.5 meters), and in 2013, the*self-propelled straight-arm high-altitude operating platform Geniesx-180 Industry*has established Genie's status in the field of high -altitude operations.

In the past 60 years, the research and development of product design and technology research and development has made the Genie brand favored by customers. In 2015, Genie continued to launch a masterpiece of*, including self-type curved arm-type high-altitude operations Geniez-33/18, Geniez-62-62 /40, and the large-scale self-propelled straight-arm-type high-altitude operating platform Geniesx-150, which is applicable and cost-effective, has continuously listened to customer needs for product upgrades and innovation, becoming a high-altitude operation partner.

With the increasing demand for the high -altitude operation platform, Genie has continuously developed the product line. At present, its products include mobile material lifting machines, self -on high -altitude operating platforms, self -proclapped fork -type pickers, trailer -style crack -type high -altitude operating platforms, and self -type Track arm -type high -altitude operating platform, shear high -altitude operating platform, self -propelled straight arm -type high -altitude operating platform and traction lighthouse car. These devices ensure the safety and*of high -altitude operations, and can transport materials to high -altitude.

Adhering to the brand slogan "Take you to the*place", Genie does not*based on the continuous improvement of product research and development, but also in terms of customer service*, Genie360 ° service from security operation training, on -site service support, after -sales maintenance and claims,*component supply supply In terms of repairs and other aspects,*to ensure that users can operate safely at high altitude. For Guini, the relationship with customers is not ** is a business cooperation, and it is a close partnership. Genie always adheres to the customer -centric concept of helping customers on the road of career development.

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