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By Eric chen | 22 September 2022 | 0 Comments

What is the difference between articulating boom and telescopic boom?

Both articulating boom and straight boom aerial work vehicles are classified as boom type aerial work vehicles. What are the differences between the two? Later, we will compare the structural characteristics of the two, and make a comparison through the lifting speed, the maximum working height, the power system and the two in common.

1. Lifting speed: Articulating boom aerial work vehicles are usually more suitable for indoor ceilings and high-altitude installation in open spaces. Dobby affects the rising speed is relatively slow, but it can cross obstacles; and straight arm aerial work vehicles are usually applicable. In the open air, his boom lifts and lowers quickly, but he can't cross obstacles. Usually, there is no horizontal extension or the extension is relatively small.

2. The maximum working height is different: At present, the working height of the straight arm type is slightly higher than that of the curved arm type. Considering the working conditions in the open air, the working height of the straight arm type is estimated to be * * in the future.

3. Interconnection between the two: It can be analyzed from various technical parameters: the curved arm type can also be regarded as a straight arm type for safe use. However, considering the various indoor working environments, there are also indoor floors. Load, the indoor ceiling usually chooses the crank arm.

4. Power system: Articulated boom aerial work vehicles are powered by lithium batteries and diesel powered, while straight boom powered aerial work vehicles are usually powered by diesel. Consumers in open spaces ignore noise and air pollution.

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