Four major trends in the development of the domestic aerial work platform market
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By Eric chen | 22 September 2022 | 0 Comments

Four major trends in the development of the domestic aerial work platform market

Trend 1: The development of domestic aerial work platform lessors tends to mature, from focusing only on product selling price and billing period to focusing on equipment residual value. The residual value rate has become an important criterion for evaluating aerial work platforms, and it is also the first factor that leasing companies consider when selecting equipment manufacturers. The liquidity of equipment with a high residual value rate in the second-hand market*. The leasing company then puts forward strict requirements on the equipment brand, quality and service level. Through quality assurance and brand promotion, the company ensures that the products have the best value preservation rate.

Trend 2: The growth rate of the aerial work platform industry is accelerating. One is economy. At present, the number of labor force in my country continues to decline, and labor costs are rising and labor shortages are becoming more and more obvious. It is more economical to use aerial work platforms than to use labor; the second is safety. Improvement, the safety guarantee system is gradually improving and perfecting. It is an irreversible development trend that aerial work platforms gradually replace traditional scaffolding. The third is efficiency. Compared with traditional scaffolding, aerial work platforms can significantly improve construction efficiency, shorten construction period and reduce operation. cost. Economical, safety and efficiency requirements are important factors for the sustainable development of aerial work platforms.

Trend 3: Energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence, and large load have become the future development trends of aerial work platforms. With the further escalation of emission requirements, especially some special working conditions, such as the State Grid, nuclear power plants, Sinopec, PetroChina, high-speed rail, airports, tunnels, residential areas and other areas put forward environmental protection requirements for the use of equipment, more and more lessors Tend to choose the electric aerial work platform products with safe emission, energy saving and environmental protection. Aiming at the market demand, the company actively creates green products. Following the launch of the new engine arm type with the complete machine configuration and the most energy-saving, it has now launched a series of electric arm type that is the industry's best. This series of new products is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, noise-free, On the basis of the advantages of convenient maintenance and low cost, it has the characteristics of large load, strong power and easy transportation. The company has been in the industry for many years and can fully grasp the development direction of the industry.

Trend 4: The demand for boom-type aerial work platforms is increasing. At present, the equipment structure of domestic aerial work platform lessors is still dominated by scissor-type aerial work platforms. Driven by the diversification of construction scenarios and the complexity of working conditions, the demand for boom-type aerial work platforms continues to increase. The company has developed and launched the industry's leading diesel and electric boom series new products, and has reserved advanced technology, advanced products and sufficient production capacity for the boom market, and has the ability and confidence to better meet market demand.

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