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By Eric chen | 23 September 2022 | 0 Comments

What are the main application fields of aerial work platforms in the early construction industry?

Construction projects are one of the largest areas of application of aerial work platforms. When a construction project enters the construction stage, it is generally divided into two major parts: indoor and outdoor applications. Scissor lifts and boom lifts are ideal. Equipment with four-wheel drive, four-wheel steer, oscillating axles, and rough-terrain tire features are suitable for harsh outdoor worksite surfaces. Non-marking tires, dual-fuel options and hybrid technology are mostly used on indoor jobsites.

The application fields of aerial work platforms in the early construction industry are as follows:

1. Installation of mechanical and electrical facilities;

2. Overhaul and installation of air conditioners, ventilation equipment and heating facilities;

3. Pipeline drainage system, air filtration, conveying system;

4. Carpentry, finishing, gypsum board, door top, sign installation;

5. Installation of glass, metal windows and vertical panels;

6. Installation of lighting and imaging equipment;

7. Roads, bridges, viaducts.

The above 7 application areas are the most popular application areas of the current aerial work platform, which can greatly improve work efficiency, reduce construction period and save installation costs. More application fields in the construction industry are waiting for us to explore more.

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