JLG Unveils 600 Series Hi-Capacity HC3 Boom Lifts
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By Eric chen | 26 January 2022 | 0 Comments

JLG Unveils 600 Series Hi-Capacity HC3 Boom Lifts

The series consists of the 600AJ and 600S, which each deliver a 60-foot platform height, and the 660SJ, with a 66-foot platform height. Each model offers a 660 lb. unrestricted capacity zone, plus 750- and 1,000-lb. restricted capacity zones – allowing operators to bring more tools and people to the work area. In fact, the JLG hi-capacity boom lifts are rated for three occupants in all three zones. The hi-capacity models have been thoroughly re-engineered to provide increased capability, while retaining the same footprint as the standard JLG 600 series models.

“With the ANSI 92.20 standards set to publish in the near future, we anticipate higher capacity booms will become increasingly popular,” said Bill Dovey, senior product manager, boom lifts, JLG. “The load sensing requirements for all boom lifts will drive the industry towards higher capacity models in an effort to maximize productivity.”

To comply with the new standards, all boom lifts must have a load sensing system. This system limits operation of a machine when the platform is overloaded, automatically keeping operation within the allowable work envelope. The innovative load sensing system from JLG allows recalibration of the system to full capacity without placing a 1,000 lb. load in the basket. This saves time and effort, and increases productivity.

Another innovation is the new LED display used for the platform and ground consoles. These LED displays sense the ambient light conditions and adjust their brightness accordingly to optimize visibility and operator comfort.

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