High-altitude use in the construction industry
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By Yvonne Lu | 04 March 2022 | 0 Comments

High-altitude use in the construction industry

Construction industry
Building projects are the largest field of high-altitude applications. When a building project enters the construction phase, it is generally divided into two parts: indoor and outdoor applications. Shears high emptitasters and arm high altitude are definitely the ideal choice. Equipped with four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, swing axles, and rough ground tire characteristics suitable for harsh outdoor construction grounds. Equipment with non-print tires, double fuel options and hy*rid technology is mainly used in indoor construction sites.

1. Mechanical electrical facilities installation
2, air conditioning, ventilation equipment, heating installation
3, pipe drainage system, air filtering, delivery system
4, woodworking, finishing, gypsum board, door top, signage installation
5, glass, metal window and vertical board installation
6, lighting and imaging equipment installation
7, road, bridge, elevated

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