Truck operating handle controller
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By Yvonne Lu | 07 March 2022 | 0 Comments

Truck operating handle controller

The High altitude handle controller is the most important part of the lift car, all mobile, lift, emergency stop, advancement, and retreat operations are achieved via a control handle and some switches. At the construction site, due to improper storage, the lift handle is often lost or replaced in time due to aging damage. If not re-purchase, it will affect the subsequent use of the lift. So how much is the lift operating handle controller?

Price range of electric lift car handles
Due to many brands of the lift car, the price of the handle controller is also different. US JLG lifting car manipulation handle price between 1500-2000, Genie lift car handle price at 2000-10000 CNY, Dingli high-altitude car handle price is around 1700 CNY, the price of Horzion lift handles is between 500-1000CNY, high altitude The model of the car is different, the price of the handle is different. The original model and the general model are also one of the important factors affecting the price.

Where is the high-altitude operation handle to buy
Horzion online shop is a professional rental of high-altitude, there are high empty accessories sales, handle accessories, tire parts, battery accessories, filter accessories, etc., we can purchase it directly, our customers buy customers Selling high-cost after-sales issues. All categories are self-operated goods, have a certain price advantage, reliable quality and stable supply, and achieve direct services worldwide, and the Horzion online shop will not regularly conduct some high-altitude high-altitude accessories discount promotions, the price is also quite Affordable.
How much is a uniform standard, which is not unified, and is determined by multiple aspects. When choosing a boom operating handle, it is not good to buy a poor handle, which will not be conducive to subsequent lift operations. It should be suitable from price, quality, service, word of mouth, etc., one point price, high price lift operating handle is better in all aspects, and there is money.

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