Major Maintenance for Scissor Lift - Chapter One
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By Cheng Song (Senior Process Engineer) | 11 May 2021 | 0 Comments

Chapter One - Major Maintenance for Scissor Lift

Please read and understand and follow the safety rules and operation instructions in the operation manual of this machine before starting the maintenance operation.
Most of the operating procedures require basic mechanical, hydraulic and electrical skills; But some procedures need to have professional skills, professional tools, professional tooling, overweight equipment and suitable workplace. Pollution control must be carried out in the work to make the overhaul and renovation effect reach a new height.
In this case, as the author of this manual, I strongly recommend that you must abide by the relevant regulations of this model and the company's safety operation regulations!
When you read this material, if you find any errors in the writing technology, process, process, pictures used, please inform me that I will take your opinions and suggestions seriously in the future when compiling and updating the manual.

Necessary safety protection articles

Perform the cleaning process before entering the workshop

In order to ensure the quality of overhaul and renovation, according to the overhaul and renovation process, the machines entering the workshop for overhaul and renovation must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the clean maintenance environment. After entering the workshop, all waste oil shall be discharged, and the equipment shall be stopped at the designated station according to the sequence of overhaul and renovation process.
Untrained or unprofessional personnel without safety protection, high pressure water or splashing foreign matters will cause harm to human body!!!


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