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By Yvonne Lu | 15 March 2022 | 0 Comments

High altitude cars improve construction curtain wall installation efficiency and safety

Since more than 30 years, with the sustained and rapid development of our country's national economy and the acceleration of urbanization process,  building curtain wall industry in our country has achieved flying development.

Our high-altitude vehicles and crane construction construction curtain construction

With the increase in architectural and ultra-high buildings, the difficulty coefficient of installation and maintenance of the curtain wall is also greater.
Moreover, the glass curtain wall is mainly composed of glass, with fragile and easily damaged characteristics. In recent years, traditional operations have led to frequent accidents from high-altitude, this is the challenge of efficiency and security to the project.

Now the construction unit is increasingly paying attention to the construction efficiency of the high-altitude project and the safety of the on-site personnel. We are the Chinese high-altitude rental leading enterprise, Horizon can provide solutions for convenient, safe, efficient glass curtain wall installed, more and more building curtain wall decoration companies have begun to use high-altitude mount construction, such as our application The installation construction of the facade curtain wall outside the Beijing New Airport Glass Curtain Wall and the main site of the high-speed rail station.

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