Top ten trends of China's aerial work equipment industry in 2022
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By Yvonne Lu | 07 April 2022 | 0 Comments

Top ten trends of China's aerial work equipment industry in 2022 PART 1


01 trend I In 2022, China will still be the biggest driver of global industrial growth According to the data published externally and consulted by the industry, the planned capacity of domestic mainstream aerial work platform manufacturing enterprises such as Dingli, XCMG, Lingong, Zoomlion, Xingbang, Shanhe intelligence, Liugong and sany has far exceeded 270000 units in 2022. Among them, the planned production capacity of scissor products is more than 220000, and the planned production capacity of arm products is about 50000. In addition to the production capacity of Chinese factories with international brands, the total planned production capacity of the industry is more than 300000 units. Judging from the data, China will undoubtedly become the world's largest production and manufacturing base of aerial work platforms. Moreover, according to the 30% export volume and 90% production and sales conversion rate, the domestic market sales volume in 2022 is expected to be 189000 units, with a year-on-year increase of 62.4%, and the sales volume and sales growth continue to rank first in the world; The number of aerial work platforms in the domestic market is expected to exceed 550000, almost equal to the North American market with the largest number in the world, with an annual growth rate of more than 50%; It is estimated that 81000 units will be exported, with a year-on-year increase of 185.2%. It can be seen that China will still be the largest incremental market, one of the markets with the largest stock of aerial work platforms and the most important exporter of products in the world when major manufacturers at home and abroad complete the set production and marketing objectives in 2022.


02 trend II Intensified industrial differentiation, Open all-round strength competition among enterprises China's aerial work platform industry is like a match that just fired a gun. If you have a leader, you have a follower; If there are pursuers and dark horses, there will be those who fall behind, fall behind or even out. After five years of accelerated running in China's aerial work platform market, the queue and ranking of manufacturers and lessors are constantly updated and changed. After the first round of fierce competition, the leader appeared, but a temporary lead does not mean an eternal and absolute lead. The first camp will be stuck in the short term, and any enterprise's slack will lose the good momentum of the beginning; Those who fall behind or are out will appear in the second camp and enterprises wandering on the edge. If China's aerial work platform industry was first mover advantage, explosive force or impact force in the last round, then the next test is the comprehensive strength of manufacturing enterprises in R & D and production, domestic and foreign marketing, post market service, brand status and even financing ability, as well as the asset operation efficiency and cost management, cash flow risk control, customer experience, digital transformation, safe delivery and use of leasing enterprises, And brand influence. In the new round of competition, enterprises can continue to lead, consolidate and expand their advantages only by coordinating the overall situation and going hand in hand. A single force is not enough to ensure long-term advantages; Any short board or weak link of "barrel effect" may slow down the former action force and hinder the achievement of enterprise goals.

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