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By Yvonne Lu | 14 April 2022 | 0 Comments

Top ten trends of China's aerial work equipment industry in 2022 PART3

05 trend V Internationalization, It will become the key for Chinese enterprises to become world-class In the past few years, the momentum of China's construction machinery products going global has not decreased. Especially in the past two years, with several Chinese construction machinery manufacturing giants advancing into the top three and top five of the industry, internationalization has been raised to the "main strategy". For the aerial work platform industry, internationalization is a must. On the one hand, the focus of the global market is still in developed markets such as Europe and the United States. According to incomplete statistics, the global industrial scale of aerial work equipment (including telescopic boom fork loading) is about 20 billion US dollars (about 150 billion yuan) regardless of China's domestic market; Despite the rapid growth, by the end of 2021, China's industry scale was less than 25 billion yuan (about US $3.5 billion). By contrast, priorities are clearly visible. On the other hand, the accelerated substitution of imported products in the domestic market and the continuous breakthroughs in the international market have greatly enhanced the confidence of Chinese enterprises to enter the international market. By the end of 2021, the market share of Chinese brand domestic new machines has exceeded 90%; The export situation of products is also gratifying. In 2021, the whole industry exported 43742 aerial work platforms, a year-on-year increase of 140%. More importantly, facing the international leading brands in the high-end market and meeting the higher standards and requirements of mature equipment lessors and end users in Europe and America will be helpful to enhance the global competitiveness of Chinese products. Chinese brands with accurate international market positioning may even become the mainstream of the international aerial work platform market. From the perspective of internal and external power, seizing the international market is the key for China's aerial work platform manufacturing enterprises to become world-class. As for the internationalization path and action, there are many choices for Chinese enterprises, such as overseas factory construction, cross-border M & A, increasing the layout of marketing network and building localization teams.

06 trends Leading technology, It will break the homogeneous competition in the industry Like the automobile industry, driven by the "double carbon" goal and under the background of accelerating the implementation of new technologies such as electrification, digitization, intelligence and 5g, the construction machinery industry, especially the subdivided industries and emerging industries such as aerial work platform, is ushering in the third industrial revolution of a lifetime. Different from the previous shared construction machinery industry supply chain system, with the expansion of the industrial scale, at this stage, domestic aerial work platform manufacturing enterprises have obtained more and more sufficient supporting resources for globalization and localization. With the support of many new technologies and solutions, they have the option to create their own product labels and technical routes. But the reality is not satisfactory. New products and technologies, from ideas to actions, from actions to results, need more time to precipitate and cultivate the market. At present, the price competition and share competition that still dominate the Chinese market are still the biggest stumbling block to the technological leap. For manufacturing enterprises that aim to become industry leaders, in the face of increasingly serious product homogenization, technology leadership must be one of the best development paths. Finding the right product positioning, putting the technologies and solutions of core supporting suppliers into practice (rather than being envious of fish), quickly promoting the launch of new products on the market, and becoming an industry benchmark and leader with your own advantages will be the key to the value upgrading and high-quality development of the industry and enterprises.

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