Top ten trends of China's aerial work equipment industry in 2022 PART4
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By Yvonne Lu | 20 April 2022 | 0 Comments

Top ten trends of China's aerial work equipment industry in 2022 PART4

07 Trend  Electrification, The next battlefield of aerial work platform industry Under the background of the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutralization" and the full implementation of the latest emission standards for non road machinery, electrification is becoming the most important product strategy for construction machinery manufacturing enterprises. Compared with other construction machinery products, the electrification process of aerial work platform is much earlier, and the electrification rate is also much higher. Industry insiders predict that the electrification rate of domestic aerial work platforms is expected to reach 75% or even higher in the next five years. In the past few years, with the strong promotion of head manufacturers, motorized products are becoming a hot spot in the industry. At this stage, domestic mainstream manufacturers have a series of aerial work platform motorized product lines. In 2022, electric products, especially electric boom cars, will become the key layout of manufacturing enterprises. Although the contribution of motorized products to increasing rental income is not obvious at this stage, its prospect and space are completely predictable. With the rising price and tight supply of domestic refined oil, environmental protection policies, regulations and relevant measures in key cities are becoming more and more strict. The characteristics and advantages of electric products over dies*l products will be gradually recognized and accepted by lessors and end users. From the perspective of supporting suppliers, mature batteries, electric drives, electronic control components and systems from automotive and other industries are already ready to go and can be implanted into the supply chain of China's aerial work equipment industry at any time. In China's aerial work platform market, the tipping point of motorized products is approaching; There is no doubt that manufacturing enterprises will wrestle with electrification from 2022.

08 trend  Telescopic boom fork loading, vehicle mounted aerial work platform, Will become a hot spot in the industry By the end of 2021, most domestic mainstream aerial work platform manufacturers have realized the full series layout of self-propelled aerial work platform products, whether shear fork or arm, dies*l or electric. The products can basically cover most of the needs of the domestic market for working height and working range. For Chinese manufacturers aiming to become the top five and top three in the global industry, it is obvious that the self-propelled aerial work platform in the territory of aerial work machinery industry has achieved phased breakthrough and growth, but in a broad sense, there are more types of aerial work product lines to be vigorously developed and deeply excavated. Telescopic boom fork loading, which is popular in European and American construction, industrial and agricultural markets, is a typical representative. In contrast, telescopic boom fork loading has almost 1.5 times the global industrial scale of self-propelled aerial work platform; For telescopic boom fork loading, the broad space in the international market and the huge potential to be developed in the domestic market will attract Chinese manufacturers to invest more resources. In addition, vehicle mounted aerial work platform is another important aerial work product line. Although the scale and volume are not as large as self-propelled, at the same time, as a special vehicle category, the vehicle mounted aerial work platform has great imagination. In recent years, most of the important mergers and acquisitions in the global industry point to the vehicle mounted aerial work platform. In the Chinese market, the rapidly growing market demand of power grid, communication, urban lighting, landscaping, leasing and other industries will push up the popularity of vehicle mounted aerial work platforms. 

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