Top ten trends of China's aerial work equipment industry in 2022 PART5
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By Yvonne Lu | 22 April 2022 | 0 Comments

Top ten trends of China's aerial work equipment industry in 2022 PART5

09 trend  The Chinese market will breed more customized aerial work products China has overtaken Europe and the United States in the volume, scale, speed and quality of construction in the fields of construction, industry, energy and infrastructure. The world's largest construction market is attracting more world advanced products and technology applications, and even giving birth to more unique product applications. In China's aerial work platform industry, in addition to general products, the aerial work product with the highest thermal value in the past year belongs to the aerial work suction cup truck. By installing special accessories for glass or marble suction cups on the boom of aerial work platform, the technical and technological change of glass curtain wall installation can be realized. It can be said that such product application is unique all over the world and is the first in China. In addition to the successful application of the glass curtain wall of the suction cup truck for aerial work, the dual-purpose aerial work truck for road and rail has been widely concerned and popularized in the field of rail transit and the insulating arm aerial work platform in the State Grid. There will be more customized products for some specific application scenarios after new development and design, technical improvement or addition of special functions. You know, it has become a reality that the aerial work platform completes specific work in the state of unmanned automatic driving or remote control. As long as we understand the application needs of aerial work, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and rely on the in-depth integration of products and technologies across fields and disciplines, manufacturing enterprises will be able to find the best aerial work solution and create a new blue ocean for the application of customized products. 

10 trend Sany will become the biggest change in China's aerial work platform industry China's aerial work platform industry is undergoing a series of changes due to the entry of comprehensive construction machinery manufacturers. In other words, the aerial work platform industry has expanded from a subdivided field to the competition of the whole industry. Among the participants in China's aerial work platform industry, in addition to professional enterprises such as Dingli and Xingbang, almost all of the "latecomers" in the past 5-6 years are comprehensive construction machinery manufacturing enterprises. In the attention and expectation of the industry and market, Sany high altitude Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province on February 18, 2022, marking that Sany also began to work in the high altitude machinery industry. No matter which product segment in the construction machinery industry, Sany is not willing to be only a troublemaker and follower. In the market of excavators, concrete machinery, mobile cranes and other products, Sany "either does not do it or does it. If it wants to do it, it will be one of the best in the industry". It has a firm goal and decisive action. As early as many years ago, the aerial work platform was regarded by SANY as a strategic product line as important as loaders, heavy trucks and tower cranes. However, due to the interweaving of various factors, it has not been put into action for a long time. Like XCMG, Zoomlion and other comprehensive construction machinery manufacturers, Sany did not have the first mover advantage at the time of start-up, but had the opportunity to plan before moving. You know, even in the fully competitive Chinese loader industry, Sany still finds a cut-off entrance. For China's aerial work platform industry, which is not stable, Sany, which has a strong group background and brand potential, is likely to become a strong contender for market share. At the same time, relying on the perfect and mature supply chain and industrial chain, it is not difficult for Sany to quickly build the supporting system required for the development of aerial work machinery industry. Finally, the international market is also a broad stage for its equal competition.

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