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By Yvonne Lu | 22 April 2022 | 0 Comments

The development of China's aerial work equipment operation industry in 2022

The development of China's aerial work equipment operation industry in 2022? Where are the opportunities and challenges? How should the whole industry and leading enterprises grasp and respond?
China's aerial work equipment operation industry has entered the fastest development period in history in recent three years, and the whole industry has maintained a fairly high growth rate. As a whole, China's aerial work platform industry has become the fastest-growing regional market in the world with an annual level. For the overall prospect of 2022, our judgment is that the whole industry will maintain a high development speed. What is different from the past is that from the prospect of the whole industry, the overall increment of equipment will maintain a certain increment, but the growth rate will gradually slow down compared with the past two years. Horizon believes that for head operating companies, the situation of relying solely on equipment volume for scale will gradually change. For the leading enterprises in the industry, the biggest proposition in the future is that compared with peer companies, their leading direction has shifted from "seeking scale" to "seeking service" and "seeking efficiency". After several years of rapid development of the industry and the uncertain overall environment in 2022, improving service quality and equipment operation efficiency on the basis of existing scale has become a key step for large equipment operators from quantitative change to qualitative change.
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