9 Used Genie 3246 scissors make an order
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By Eric chen | 22 April 2022 | 0 Comments

9 Used Genie 3246 scissors make an order

Project Description
Product: USED Genie 3246 Scissor Lift


Quantity: 9

Platform / Working Height: 9.75M / 11.75M

Dead loading: 2812kg

Working loading: 318 / 133kg

Dimensions: 2.41 * 1.17 * 1.80M (Storage Status)

Main equipment: Genie 3246 Scissor Lift

Project Advantages

1. We are the city-worth of 100 billion companies, there are thousands of second-hand machines, with strong product savings and supply chains, and products have price advantage.

2. Our maintenance department processes all products to 90% new, then shipped in 3-21 days to ensure the fastest speed.

3. Safety production safety
By controlling many details, fully maintain the safety of the personnel.

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