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By Yvonne Lu | 26 April 2022 | 0 Comments

For 2022, Horizon's strategic priorities for business development.

Combined with the current outlook of the whole country on the economic situation in 2022, it can be found that "stability" has become the goal of the next stage of the whole country's economic work. The stability of economic growth is inseparable from the driving role of infrastructure. The emergence of the voice of "accelerating new infrastructure and not forgetting old infrastructure" also reflects the increasing importance of infrastructure work from the side, which has become the consensus of the market. In the first half of 2022, the pressure faced by the whole industry must be not small. However, we believe that we still have strong enough confidence in the future development of the industry for a long time, both in terms of policies and the development of the market itself. This is related to the Chinese people's expectation and determination to continuously improve the living environment and living environment, as well as the urgent need for urban renewal in China's large and medium-sized metropolitan areas. We expect that in the short term, the industry will focus on industrial projects. Driven by the upgrading of relevant industries in China, the green energy revolution and the "double carbon plan" will effectively increase the demand for the whole industrial construction and become a new growth point of the industry. In the medium and long term, the underpinning of China's infrastructure related policies will significantly restore the whole market. In addition, the deeply adjusted real estate market will still be driven by China's urbanization process and return to a benign development track. Considering various factors, Horzion is optimistic about the future development prospect of the industry.


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