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By Eric chen | 24 May 2022 | 0 Comments

The current situation of foreign high -altitude operating vehicle industry

Europe: Western Europe and other developed countries and regions, high -altitude operating vehicles have started earlier. High level of product technology, exquisite manufacturing process, good safety, high reliability, high operations, rich specifications, rich and diverse functions. The high -altitude high -altitude operation platform is widely used. The structure is mainly stretched out and mixed -arm type. There are fewer European high -altitude operating vehicles in the folding arm, and there are many manufacturers. The main manufacturers are represented by manufacturers such as Ruthmann (Hutmann) and CTE. BronTo's fire landing platform is the world's leading, occupying the largest international market share.

Due to the high urbanization rate of the European Union (Western Europe), the high -altitude high -altitude operating vehicle in Europe is rarely used.
North America: North America has a leading technology in insulating high -altitude operating vehicles. As early as the 1920s, Americans began to use wooden platforms on the distribution line to explore the power operation. Until the 1950s, with the epoxy glass fiber The advent of Xinyang insulation materials, the insulation high -altitude operating vehicle was widely used.

The structure of the American high -altitude operations has a variety of structures. The insulating high -altitude operating vehicle is mainly mixed arm type and folding arm. Due to the requirements of the lower insulation, the straight arm type is less used. Most of the work height is less than 40m.

The manufacturer of insulation high -altitude operations is mainly concentrated in North America, representing the highest level of production and manufacturing of global power operating equipment. Most international market share.

At present, areas with extensive charging operations are North America, followed by South America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, Eastern Europe and other regions. This type of area is characterized by geographical wide regional and overhead electricity cables.

Asia: Japan and South Korea's high -altitude operating vehicles are mostly less than 30m. The height of large operations is small. It is based on telescopic arm type. There are fewer folding arm and mixed -arm platforms. Japanese high -altitude operating vehicles represented by ACH1 and TADANO are humanized in humanization The design and computer automation control are unique. The appearance design is self -contained. It adopts the front form of the operating platform, with a small volume and good mobility. There are also some manufacturers in South Korea, such as SOOSAN, DONGHAE, etc., with small output and most imitation Japanese models. The insulation -type high -altitude operating vehicle has no lower insulation section, mainly with the distribution network operation.

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