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By Eric chen | 26 May 2022 | 0 Comments

What is the difference between China Construction Machinery Industry Association | boarding the firs

The Beijing Winter Olympics recently closed

Once again the world

And Chinese athletics

Their persistence, tenacity, bravery

Also prove to people all over the world

The power of Chinese youth

The spirit of Chinese sports

Also left highlights at this Winter Olympics
Set the torch ignition ceremony of the Winter Olympics!


Zero emissions, low noise

The entire fire ignition process must be quiet and environmentally friendly, otherwise it will have a huge impact on the audience and recording. This is an important reason why the director group rejected the ladder car.

Xingbang's electric PLUS arm car series is a new generation of products accumulated by Xingbang's 14 -year technology. It uses pure electric power, zero emissions, almost no noise. It can be said that environmental protection and noise are dead.

This requires the equipment to be fast and accurate. This is a common industry pain point and difficulty. The speed is high, and the impact is large. It will inevitably affect the control accuracy of the equipment.

Xingbang has given a perfect solution through a systematic technical breakthrough.

>>> The whole 3D model design optimizes the structure >>> Optimized control program and algorithm
  >>> Hydraulic large flow impact inhibition >>> Multi -dimensional small traffic precision control

With the guarantee of these core technologies, not only ensure the smooth operation of the equipment, but also reaches the accuracy of the end control to the millimeter level, which is equivalent to allowing a athlete to sprint 100 meters while it is also possible to accurately insert a line into the eye. Essence

In the end, Xingbang Electric Boiler controlled the entire ignition process at 2 minutes and 08 seconds, exceeding the requirements of the director group.


 Easy to enter and exit, stable process

Regarding the situation of torch players' first use of high -altitude vehicles, the director group also requested that the workbar must ensure that the workbar is easy to enter and exit, and the lifting process is stable, so as not to affect the state of the torchbearers.
The Xingbang Technical Guarantee Group quickly responded to completing the modification of the workbar within 48 hours, and the subtle adjustment of the performance of hydraulic matching, which fully reflected the technical heritage of the Starbon arm car. It also demonstrated the Chinese brand competition on the world stage. Core strength.


Blue friend, high value

In addition, the beautiful shape and beautiful paint of the Xingbang electric arm car are also an important reason for the ignition equipment of t It is bright but not gorgeous, warm but not arrogant, showing China's unique charm of character. At the same time, Xingbang Blue is perfectly integrated with the blue tone of the  adding a different kind of charm.


Hard power, confidence

Earlier, Xingbang's equipment also participated in the Bird's Nest Maintenance, the construction of the ice ribbon speed slide, the Zhangjiakou and the construction of the Yanqing Winter Olympics venue.

Xingbang Intelligence cuts into the industry from the arm -type high -altitude operation platform. It has 14 years of technical precipitation and accumulation. The safety and stability of the equipment have been tested by multiple parties. Putting on color.

In the future, Xingbang Intelligence will still use continuous technological innovation and product quality to improve the driving force, providing more secure and efficient high -altitude operation solutions to meet the continuous development needs of the future, and continue to contribute to the country's construction and build it to the United States.

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