High -altitude operating vehicle leasing commonly uses a crane balance beam, the precautions car
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By Eric chen | 27 May 2022 | 0 Comments

High -altitude operating vehicle leasing commonly uses a crane balance beam, the precautions car

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Common precautions for the common use of cranes in high -altitude operation vehicles

The crane is also one of the high -altitude operating vehicles leasing. The crane carries overweight items, which basically replaces artificially and greatly improves safety and efficiency. Because the crane is lifted up all heavy objects, the balance beam of the crane is equivalent to the main backbone balance beam lifting process. Before using the crane, you must pay attention to the following matters:

1. Before use, please carefully check the safety inspection. The beam body must not be deformed or scratched, the suspender must not be damaged, and there must be no cracks for welding.

2. The angle between the camisole and the balance beam should be around 55 °.

3. When the hanging is suspended, pay close attention to the balance of the hanging object or object. If unbalanced, put down the suspension pendant and correct the imbalance of the suspension part by the movement of the moving cable or change the length of the hanging cable.

4. When using a balanced wood, someone must monitor the hooks or ring on the balanced wood, especially when using multiple balanced woods to lift the object at the same time. Otherwise, it cannot be lifted.

5. When the large and ultra -thin components are lifted, the combination of multiple balance beams can be used, but the hook and the balance beam, the balance beam and the balance beam must be firmly connected, and the stress is balanced, so that the hanging parts can maintain a stable improvement machine.

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Some of the common sounds of high -altitude operating cars commonly discovered and maintained

It should also be noted that some failures occur during the use of high -altitude operating vehicles, otherwise it is very dangerous when performing high -altitude operations. As a high -altitude operating vehicle industry, maintenance is maintained for some failures.

If the connecting rod bearing of the high -altitude operating vehicle engine emits a certain noise, and it is a relatively heavy and short metal knocking sound. After the temperature rises, the noise will not change, and the "driver" will "get on the car". Screws. Then it is mainly caused by poor lubrication or excessive gap, or gold ablation.

When running at medium speed, stop the noise part with a screwdriver with a cylinder. If both cylinders make sounds, if the sound is cut off with a screwdriver, the sound will gradually weaken, and the abnormal noise produces the cylinder. You can also remove the oil bottom shell to check whether the bearings exist. Song Guang.

If the engine has a sound leakage sound, when the engine works when the engine is turned on, some continuous crankshaft box leaks from the place where the oil is added, and the motor oils are pulled. If there is smoke outside, when we turn off the throttle, the abnormal noise will weaken the crane rental, or a trivial matter.

The reason is that the cylinder wall and the piston ring are too large, and the sealing is not very tight. Some high -pressure gas enters the crankshaft box to make a hit sound.

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60M high -altitude car rental company

What are the automatic leveling systems and operating vehicles of a arm high -altitude operating vehicle?

This utility model opens up a arm rack high -altitude operating vehicle automatic tone system and operating vehicle, including: first -level leveling mechanism, secondary leveling mechanism, hydraulic driver system and controller; secondary leveling mechanism includes: Fei Armor amplitude oil cylinder (2), two swing rods (3), two connecting rods (4)) and flying arm (5); the first -level leveling mechanism includes: the workbench regulate the flat oil cylinder (6), a swinging pole (8), a connecting rod (9)), connecting frame (10), oil cylinder) (11) and supporting frame (12); hydraulic transmission system includes: first -class hydraulic transmission system and secondary hydraulic transmission system.

The leveling system and operating vehicle of this practical new design solve the problem of dual -level telescopic arms flying arm high -altitude. The level of the internal workbench improves the rapid response and control accuracy of the leveling system through electrical and hydraulic adjustment.

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High -altitude operating vehicle is classified by type:

The vertical lift (also known as the shear) high -altitude operating vehicle, the folding arm littering high -altitude operating vehicle, the self -propelled high -altitude operating platform, and the telescopic arm -type high -altitude operating vehicle. Among them, the vertical promotion work is heavy, but the work height is limited to second -hand cranes, with poor maneuverability and not flexible. At present, the folding arm -type lifting high -altitude operating vehicle is widely used in China.

High -altitude operating vehicle characteristics:

There is an operating device in the work bucket and rotating seats, which can remotely control the start, stop, high speed and low speed of the engine. The electro -hydraulic ratio valve controls the arm movement and has good stability. The working arm can rotate 360 ​​degrees continuously. Rely on the linkage agency to automatically maintain the work tank level. When the main pump fails, the emergency pump can be operated to reduce the fuel tank. Equipped with night lighting, you can lift heavy objects.

The future development of high -altitude operating vehicles:

People have imagined a combined high -altitude operating vehicle that can make a car multi -purpose. The car has a front (mainly equipped with power system), which can be used alone or connected to different compartments to become small trucks and station wagons. Cars, refrigerated cars, racing cars, etc., can be replaced at any time as needed. There will be several special passenger systems in the future car world. One is an air buses, with both land and air advantages. It can drive on the land like an ordinary bus, or you can take a special plane to travel in the air, reducing the trouble of passengers on and off the plane.

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Check before starting high -altitude vehicles

1. Clean the dirt and debris on the device; check whether the appearance of the equipment is intact, and there are abnormal damage such as deformed and cracks.

2. Check whether the steering mechanism is abnormal.

3. Check whether the tire is damaged, whether the air pressure is normal to balance the lifting process, and whether the bolt is loose or missing.

4. Check the frame without deformation and cracks, and drive the bridge to weld or crack.

5. Check whether the brake system is abnormal.

6. Check whether there are leakage in each part of the equipment, whether the connection bolts are loose, broken, and missing each part; whether the accessories are complete.

7. Check the hydraulic oil level, fuel level, engine oil level, cooling liquid level, braking liquid level, battery electrolyte level, etc.

8. Check the air filter and clean it if necessary.

9. Check and clean up the debris and dust around the engine and the radiator, check whether the engine leaks, and whether the bolt of the coupling bolt is loose or lost.

10. Check whether the engine fan belt and the generator belt are damaged and the tension is appropriate.

11. Check whether the oil pipes and circuits are abnormal wear, aging, cracking, etc.

12. Check whether there are debris inside and on the platform. There must be no oil stains on the steps of the working car platform and working platform.

13. Check whether the legs, moving arm, and work bucket are deformed or cracking, whether the working arm oil cylinder is normal, and whether the sales shaft is intact.

14. Check whether the alarm devices such as lighting, speakers, wiper, mirrors, fire extinguishers, and electric speakers are complete and effective.

15. Is the inspection instrument, indicator light, and indicator light complete.

16. Check whether the forcer control switch is in the empty gear.

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