More than 400 Genie high -altitude cars assembled at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center
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By Eric chen | 27 May 2022 | 0 Comments

More than 400 Genie high -altitude cars assembled at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhib

As the world's largest convention and exhibition center, the construction of the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center has now entered the final sprint stage. The first phase of the project will be completed in July.

On the 1.2 -square -kilometer construction site, more than 300 large -scale construction machinery was constructed at the same time. At the peak of the construction site, there were more than 600 mobile high -altitude operating vehicles at the scene. In the entire venue, Genie has more than 400 high -altitude operating platforms to participate in construction.

Among them, Genie S-65, S-85, S-105, S-105 XC, S-125 XC and other arm-type high-altitude operation platforms have spocked their superior performance in the project, showing their superior performance, helping the Convention and Exhibition Center a record of the convention and exhibition center. The world's most.

As a versatile "super engineering", the international convention and exhibition center has built a crawler to hang the most in the world. The total construction area of ​​the first phase of the project reaches 16.05 million square meters, which is equivalent to 6 "bird's nests"; after the first- and second phases, the overall completion of the world will be the largest single building in the world; The amount of steel is 270,000 tons, which is equivalent to 10 ground king buildings, 32 Eiffel tower ...

Steel structure construction and installation

The steel structure of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center is the highest in the field of housing construction in the world

The exhibition hall is the main body of the project. The first phase of the International Convention and Exhibition Center contains a total of 19 exhibition halls. The standard exhibition hall has a length and width of 200 meters and 100 meters, and the net height is 17 meters. There is no column in the internal space. space.

: "Since the construction of the project, we have completed the installation of 270,000 tons of steel structure within more than 400 days, which is equivalent to completing a bird's nest in 2 months, creating a record of 5,000 tons of steel structure installation daily. It is a high -altitude work tool such as hanging baskets. At least thousands of workers need to fight for more than 2 years. But now we only use hundreds of workers and work only eight hours a day. It is a powerful assistant for engineering projects with a tight construction period and a large construction area. "

Protection engineering of main structure and installation of curtain wall

The world's largest and longest metal roof

The roof of the International Convention and Exhibition Center uses colorful ribbons, which means "Maritime Silk Road". The world's largest metal roof has ultra -high value and can cover 106 standard football fields. Standing on the roof, looking at it, the roof is like undulating waves.

The main structural protection project of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center includes the main steel structure rust removal, fire -resistant coating paint; The high -altitude operation span is large and needs to be carried out at a very small working angle in extremely limited space. With the reliable quality, the excellent level extension capabilities and flexible mobility, the advantages of the Genie equipment in the convention and exhibition center project.

: "The main structure of the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center is quite complicated. The maze -type truss is tightly used together to use a large amount of bolts. There are a lot of obstacles when taking and fixed bolts. You can easily cross the obstacle range and accurately locate the working point.

Many operators feedback to the blue Gini high -altitude car crane accessories are very smooth and small, and the operation interface is simple and clear. From one job point to another, the platform is very convenient to move. "

Interior structure installation construction and leakage

The largest and largest exhibition area of ​​the global total exhibition area and the largest exhibition hall area

At present, the main steel structure, metal roof, and outer wall facade of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center project are completed. The structure contour has been presented. Learning work.

A large number of scissors cars flocked into the field, and it was an indispensable and capable of high -altitude operation in the indoor main structure.

: "The area of ​​the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center is very large, with a total area of ​​500,000 square meters and a maximum single exhibition hall area of ​​50,000 square meters. It requires a lot of high -altitude operations. However The distance between each high -altitude operation point is also very narrow. But it is worth praising that the design of the Gini scissors is compact, occupying a small area, and it can also be flexibly operated in the narrow and crowded space.

Our operators say that blue equipment is easy to use, simple operation, and convenient maintenance. "

In the end, the person in charge of our equipment leasing company project said: "It is recommended that you go to Foshan Tanzhou Convention and Exhibition Center. The scale of this project is not as large as the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, but almost all of the equipment of Gini, there are more than 200 units.

So, on this construction site of nearly 200,000 square meters, we saw a blue ocean. Essence Essence Essence Essence

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