Similar to different: How to choose a suitable shear high -altitude operation platform (below) How to choose off -road scissors?
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By Eric chen | 31 May 2022 | 0 Comments

Similar to different: How to choose a suitable shear high -altitude operation platform (below) How t

After analyzing the choice of the flat -ground shear high -altitude operation platform in the previous period, we will continue to analyze how to choose how to choose off -road shear high -altitude operation platforms (referred to as scissors), and further further it from the following perspectives. Interpretation.

•Drive System

•operating system

• Optimized design

• After -sales maintenance

Pictured: JLG LRT series shear high -altitude operation platform

Drive System

When users need to drive on the uneven terrain, we generally recommend the off -road shear high -altitude operating platform that configures the four -wheel drive mode.

Pictured: JLG LRT series shear high -altitude operation platform

The four -wheel drive, also known as the full -wheel drive, refers to the motivation of the front and rear wheels of the device. You can distribute the engine output torque to all wheels before and after the driving road state is different to improve the driving ability of the device.

The purpose of the equipment configuration of the four -wheel drive system is nothing more than one, that is, remove the power from the wheel of the air -rotating and slide, and then re -assign them to the wheel with a large grip. The wooden boards and other things are stuffed under the slippery wheels, and the reason is simple.

Although major manufacturers have launched four -wheel drive equipment, there are still large differences.

The four -wheel drive can be subdivided into three drivers: full -time four -wheel drive, time -sharing four -wheel drive and timely four -wheel drive.

At present, the high -altitude vehicles produced by most manufacturers at home and abroad are time -sharing drivers. The biggest disadvantage is that the operator is required to manually control the driver mode by connecting or disconnecting the moving dealer according to the road conditions.

Its biggest disadvantage also includes its complicated mechanical structure and high maintenance costs in the later period. And the requirements for on -site operators are quite high, and it is difficult to master the time -driven driving mode without certain experience.

JLG is one of the few manufacturers with full -time four -wheel drive. To put it simply, all wheels are moved independently at any time of driving.

Compared with ordinary four -wheel drive, full -time four -wheel drive has better motivation, traction, and better driving experience, and it is safer and more stable in driving when encountering extreme terrain.

Because of its outstanding driving capabilities, the JLG LRT series scissors car have greater loads and stronger climbing capabilities.

Pictured: JLG LRT series shear high -altitude operation platform

operating system

Whether the operation experience is smooth is the inspection and assessment of the performance of off -road scissors, which also directly affects the user's evaluation of the device. Although the operating system of many off -road scissors seems the same, the actual operating experience is not the same.

The JLG LRT series off -road scissors is equipped with a complete platform control handle that can perform equipment operations smoother and precisely.

The left -right steering function uses a new digital input, which not only improves the equipment steering performance, but also reduces the difficulty of the operation and facilitates the use of the operator.

By integrated dedicated leveling function, the leveling legs can be more accurate and faster to level the equipment

⊙530LRT's new proportion of the proportion of raising valves can effectively improve the stability of the rise and decline process, and provide the operator with a safer and more comfortable control experience.

Pictured: JLG LRT series shear high -altitude operation platform

Optimized design

Optimized product design, starting from the source of the device, bringing a better product experience. There are seemingly the same off -road scissors, but their product design is very different.

Compared with competitive products, the newly upgraded version of the JLG LRT series off -road scissors optimize the following design to ensure its unique product competitiveness.

The full series of ⊙LRT series is equipped with a new generation of muffler, which effectively reduces 5%noise.

⊙Che new engine isolations and door buffers to effectively reduce engine noise and reduce equipment vibration to avoid potential damage.

⊙ Improve the position and wiring trail of the tilt -angle sensor to effectively avoid the damage caused by the equipment caused by the movement of the fork arm.

Pictured: JLG LRT series crane rental network shear high -altitude operation platform

Crane rental after -sales maintenance

The convenient maintenance of off -road scissors vehicles determines the equipment management and personnel configuration, which has a huge impact on equipment operating costs.

The JLG LRT series off -road scissors car fully considers the maintenance service and operating time of the equipment.

⊙ While protecting the equipment and parts, the steel hood also provides sufficient space for the operator to detect and maintain the equipment, which is more convenient to maintain;

The full series of ⊙LRT series uses the latest engine of Tier 4. It does not need to use large engine system jet techniques to save fuel.

⊙The click -type analyzer to easily calibrate the equipment that shrinks the state, simple time -saving costs;

⊙ The height sensor does not need to be re -calibrated after each software update, saving time and cost;

⊙ All software upgrades and fully meet the new A92.20 standards that are about to be implemented;

⊙LRT's full series of equipment adopts the same calibration procedures, simplifying procedures, more convenient maintenance, and effectively helping customers optimize the operating time of the equipment.

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