Choose a car with a road | Scissors car that is cost -effective for comprehensive upgrade, learn about it
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Choose a car with a road | Scissors car that is cost -effective for comprehensive upgrade, learn abo

Shear high -altitude operation platform is equipped with "Chinese component"

Genie has launched the "China Motor" equipped with the use of the Chinese market and is equipped with shear high -altitude operation platform. This component enhances the battery life of the whole machine, the strength of the platform structure and the non -slip performance, the anti -collision capacity of the battery tray and the ladder, the durability of the operating handle, and the maintenance of the potholes protection limit switch. To build, better help the operator to complete the high -altitude operation tasks and improve work efficiency.

The non -slip platform is stronger and durable

: "Domestic users often use cutting high -altitude operating platforms for pipeline improvement and installation operations when they are working on plant construction, which can easily lead to deformation damage of the platform and fence." Said CHANEY Fu, the project manager of the Trex High -Altitude Operation Platform Division. The platforms and guardrails specially created for the Chinese market are fully considered this demand, reinforcing the corresponding components, which greatly improves the platform's stiffness and intensity, thereby increasing the use time of end users and the maintenance costs of leasers. In addition, for the problem of poor durability of the floor floor floor anti -sliding stickers, a pattern steel plate was launched, and the non -slip resistance and durability were better.

Increased battery capacity to increase by 30%

"The battery capacity equipped with a shear-type high-altitude operation platform in the Chinese market is larger. Taking the GS-46 series as an example, its battery life has increased by more than 35%compared to the original." CHENEY Fu said. The extension of the battery operation time increases the number of work cycles and reduces the charging time. While ensuring the smooth operation of the operator, it also saves time for the operator to make their homework more efficient.

Battery pallet anti -collision is better

When maintaining maintenance and routine inspections, users often turn on the battery tray, and inappropriate closure of movement can easily cause the battery tray door to deform. At the same time, when users are driving machines in a harsh site environment, they will inevitably collide and scratch with pavement obstacles. In response to the actual situation of the user, the Guini scissors increased the shock -absorbing pad to the battery tray door. By absorbing the impact, the risk of the battery tray deformation was greatly reduced and the durability was increased.

The operating handle is more durable

High -intensity use may cause the operating handle screw to fall off. What should I do if the operation is not spiritual? Chinese customers who use shear high -altitude operation platforms sometimes encounter such problems. Genie shear high -altitude operating platform adds steel plates to increase the rigidity of the connection on the operating handle installation base, which improves the reliability of the handle.

Calls and anti -collision resistance better

When the customer uses a high -altitude operation platform for a reversing operation on a harsh site environment, it sometimes impacted the obstacle. The ladder behind the shear high -altitude operation platform was forced to take on the role of the "bumper" at this time, and was often collided and deformed. In response to this problem, the Genie scissors vehicle increased the horizontal stiffness of the ladder by increasing the steel plate bend and enhanced the ladder's resistance to deformation.

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