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By Eric chen | 01 June 2022 | 0 Comments

Safety design of full interpretation of JLG arm high -altitude operation platform

In recent years, the development of the high -altitude operation platform has attracted the attention of all parties, the development of the industry is rapidly developing, the market has risen, and the market prospects are great.

However, under the scene of prosperity, we cannot also ignore the nature and original intention of the high -altitude operation platform, that is, to improve the security of high -altitude operators.

To do this, the high -altitude operation platform must give enough attention to the safety design at the product level, starting from the source of the product, and fully ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

Today, we take JLG as an example to analyze and interpret all the safety designs that need to be possessed by the arm -type high -altitude operation platform (hereinafter referred to as the arm car).

Standard forced security configuration

First of all, all JLG arms cars meet the current major manufacturing standards:

ANSI92.5 in the United States,

Europe's EN280-2013,

China's GB25849-2010,

Among these standards, there are some mandatory requirements for the safety configuration of the arm car.

1. Load sensing system

The load induction system is commonly known as re -transmitting a crane driver sensor to determine whether the real -time total weight in the platform exceeds the rated load weight of the platform design. Once the platform is overloaded, all the movements of the device must be suspended until the overload part in the platform is removed. Essence

It is worth noting that the platform load not only refers to the weight of the personnel, but also contains equipment and all other materials on the platform.

At present, overload has become the biggest potential risk faced by the high -altitude operation platform in the use.

When the JLG arm car is delivered to the customer, 100%installation has a load sensing system, and from the perspective of improving the safety of the equipment, JLG is not recommended to remove or block the load induction system for any reason for lease companies or end users.

Load sensing system installation location

Load sensing system simulation diagram

2. Siller alarm system

The tilting alarm system can prevent the high -altitude operating platform running on the slope of its design range and cause turning.

At this stage, because the major standards have no specific regulations on the angles of various models, all manufacturers can independently define them. Generally, the larger the angle of the tilt, the wider the application occasions and scope of the equipment.

Most of the JLG power equipment allows the tilt angle to 4 ~ 5 °, which has a relatively obvious advantage compared to 3 ~ 4 ° of other platforms. When the tilt sensor of the JLG device is alarm, the sound and indicator light warning will be performed simultaneously.

At the same time, the equipment function will limit walking, uplifting, and large arm extension, but retain the decline and contraction function so that the device can return to the collection state.

In addition, the JLG tilt alarm function is only started in the working state to ensure that the tilt sensor does not affect the climbing ability of the vehicle.

3. Emergency parking switch

All JLG arms are equipped with emergency parking switches. Emergency parking switches can cut off the power source and all movements, and immediately stop the device.

Common non -standard compulsory protection devices

Secondly, there are some non -standard forced but more common protection devices on the JLG arm car, such as:

1. Confirm the switch of the driving direction

The JLG arm -type car is equipped with a turntable function. After turning the platform, it will cause the driving handle control direction and the actual driving direction.

If there is no driving direction to confirm the switch and the operator does not realize it, it is easy to cause misunderstanding to cause potential risks.

2. The self -locking function of the oil cylinder

Almost all the actions of the high -altitude operation platform come from the hydraulic system. In the working state, the oil cylinder must not be lost, otherwise the platform will fall.

Therefore, in order to prevent the pressure of the hydraulic pipelines caused by the pressure of the oil cylinder, the self -locking function of the oil cylinder is essential. Even if the oil pipe bursts, the oil cylinder will not suddenly decrease.

3. Emergency decline system

No matter what kind of equipment, it is inevitable that there will be a failure. The particularity of the high -altitude operation platform is that in any state, the equipment must first ensure the safety of the operator.

For example, under the circumstances of power equipment, electric equipment feedback, etc., it is still necessary to ensure the safe landing of the operator to the ground.

The JLG arm car is equipped with an emergency decrease system. Electric emergency decrease motors are used for power equipment, and manual reduction pumps are used for battery power equipment.

4. Foot switch

The pedal switch is the general switch operated by the entire tracking device on the upper control platform, and all JLG arm vehicles are configured. At the same time, the pedal switch is not only a safe device, but also contributes to the energy conservation and environmental protection of the equipment.

JLG is unique security design

In the end, JLG, as the world's leading high -altitude operation platform manufacturer, adheres to the higher pursuit of security and develops some unique security designs, including:

1. Skyguard operator protection system

When the operator is in the operation platform due to the collision, the Skyguard operator's protection system will be triggered, and all the movements of the device will stop immediately.

Pictured: Skyguard operator protection system

At the same time, the system will perform the opposite direction according to the last action before the device stops to ensure that the operator has enough space for survival adjustment.

2. Mistration and protection

As a heavy Chinese crane network in the accident, the factors must be influenced, and the misunderstanding must be carefully considered and avoids it as much as possible. JLG is in an absolute industry leading position in misunderstanding and protection.

The JLG arm car operating handle is installed with trigger switch. The handle function is shielded without starting the trigger switch.

In addition, the two ends of other dial switches have metal protrusions as protection to prevent the switch from being mobilized.

Pictured: Mistake operation protection

The crane repair all these humanized designs play a vital role in preventing misunderstanding and effectively improving the safety of on -site operators.

In summary, JLG is arm car not only strictly designed, manufactured and sell in accordance with international standards, but also implements the "safety" concept. Develop a safer direction.

Safety is endless. For operators, no more safety considerations are too much. As a leading brand in the industry, JLG is responsible and obliged to guide the industry to develop in a safer direction.

With the continuous development and improvement of the industry, the operators' requirements for safety will become higher and higher, and the high -altitude operation platform industry will also develop in a safer and efficient direction to make more contributions to China's construction security.

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