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By Eric chen | 01 June 2022 | 0 Comments

JLG founder John L. Grove won the lifelong achievement award issued by iPaf and international magazi

At the time of the time, the high -altitude operation industry was launched and the 50th anniversary of the founding of the JLG

On March 11, 2019, Shanghai -a few days ago, the founder of the world's leading high -altitude operating platform and telescopic arm fork -loading car manufacturer, the founder of the high -altitude operation platform industry, the late Mr. John L. Grove, at the international high altitude The Annual International High -Altitude Equipment Awards Conference (IAPA) organized by the Operation Platform Alliance (IPAF) was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize his outstanding contribution to the development of high -altitude work equipment.

IAPA will award the Lifetime Achievement Award every year to pay tribute to those individuals who have made profound contributions to the high -altitude operating equipment industry for a long time and play an important role in the industry.

"When Mr. John L. Grove founded the 50th anniversary of JLG, the honor made us very proud and inspired us to continue to innovate like Mr. John L. Grove." The invention is widely used around the world, and it makes workers safer and more convenient to reach the construction point. "

Mr. Grove's contribution to the high -altitude operation platform industry dates back to January 9, 1969. At that time, he germinated the concept of high -altitude operations in a safer way and convened the team to put into practice. With the birth of the first high -altitude operating platform JLG 1, this idea has become a reality. To this day, Mr. Grove pays attention to the spirit of security and innovation, and has been carried forward in the world through more than 6,000 JLG employees.

The picture shows Mr. John L. Grove, the founder of JLG, in front of his first high -altitude operating platform JLG 1

Since the first high -altitude operation platform was invented, JLG has created many industries first, including the introduction of mechanical swing shafts in 1981 for the arm and shear high -altitude operation platform; in 1999 The type of high -altitude operation platform equipment; 2000 launched the first 60 -foot environmentally friendly electric arm high -altitude operation platform and the first 150 -foot straight -arm high -altitude operation platform for the launch of the first 150 -foot in 2011. In 2014, JLG launched the world's tallest self -propelled high -altitude operation platform 1850SJ, with its operating height of 185 feet, breaking the record of JLG itself. In the same year, JLG launched the industry's first electric high -altitude operation platform H340AJ.

Mr. NEERENHAUSEN added, "I think, at the beginning of Mr. Grove, he did not expect that in just 50 years, his impact on the global construction site was so far -reaching. Under the encouragement of Mr. GROVE's achievements, JLG will continue to carry forward that he is good at stimulating users. The innovative spirit of demand will continue to lead the high -altitude operation platform industry in the next fifty years. "

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