Genie® S ™ -85 XC ™ high-altitude operation platform traffic ceremony
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By Eric chen | 10 June 2022 | 0 Comments

Genie® S ™ -85 XC ™ high-altitude operation platform traffic ceremony

On September 4, 2020, the Beijing BICES Exhibition, the global high-altitude operating platform leader crane accessories card, Guini, joined Horizon to hold Genie? S? -85 XC? Platform delivery ceremony. Yongli Jianjian started cooperating with Gini in June 2020 with a crane video. Four bases were established in seven domestic regions, and it was opened at the same time on August 23. A large number of Genie S-85 XC purchased at the BICES exhibition will all be configured to various equipment leasing bases of HORIZON
used boom lifts

The hand -in ceremony kicked off in the greetings of the company's company. Mr. Qi Bin, Director of the Greater China Regional Regional Division of the Trex High -Altitude Operation Platform, said in his speech: "We are very happy to establish a long -term development strategic partnership with Yongli Construction Machinery. Horizon has more than 20 in the construction machinery industry. The year of experience, whether from the strategic view, pattern, or business style, Guini agrees. As one of the earliest high -altitude operating manufacturers to enter the Chinese market, Guini deeply understands the needs of Chinese customers and has mature and complete leasing The business support and cultivation system also has sufficient resources and capabilities to create value for partners. Today's high -altitude operation platform market has reached an era of a comprehensive and rapid turning point. It requires manufacturers and leaseders The mentality comes along with the shoulders and faces the unknown and challenges on the future of future development! "

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