Genie-S65XC-Electric System-The generator cannot generate electricity to batteries
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By Eric chen | 22 June 2022 | 0 Comments

Genie-S65XC-Electric System-The generator cannot generate electricity to batteries

1. Case developer
Case developer: Wei Meng
Affiliated business store: Suqian Business Store
Case fixed manuscript time: January 6, 2022


2. Vehicle information registration
1. Manufacturer: Gini
2. Device model: S65XC
3. Serial number: S65XCD-736
4. Work hours: 470
5. Failure code: None
6. Failure system: Electric System
7. Failure phenomenon: After the device is started, the generator cannot charge the battery


3. fault phenomenon confirmation
Workers' telephone inform the equipment that the equipment cannot be started, and the on -site inspection equipment cannot be activated by the battery feedback. After the other equipment is set up, the battery voltage is not changed after starting. Apply for manufacturer's internal service
Fourth, analysis of the cause
analysis of idea:
The generator cannot work for the cause of the generator itself, or the power supply and signal input failure of the generator cause
Possible fault points:
1. [Perhaps fault point 1]: The generator is damaged
2. [Perhaps fault point 2]: The connection cable on the generator is broken



5. Check and repair steps
1. [Maintenance Step 1]: After the device is started, there is no change in the voltage of the battery, and there is no problem in checking the wiring column.

2. [Maintenance Step 2]: Open the engine cover to find the generator, you can clearly see the 3 wires on the generator, 1 to the battery is the charging cable, one is a 7V signal line, one is a 12V excitation line, of which The signal line and the excitation line will get electricity after starting the device. Both the starting device measures the voltage of the two lines and the voltage is 0V.
(The measurement of the two figures is under normal working state of the generator)

3. [Maintenance Step 3] :: Depending on the possibility of the damage of the generator in the previous cloth, continue to check down, and connect X17.3.1-11 and X17.3.1-8 according to the circuit diagram signal line and the excitation line respectively. There is no short circuit or disconnection of the root line (the plug below the oil filter factor, as shown in the figure below, the oil seepage in the suspected maintenance causes a short circuit)

4. [Maintenance Step 4]: According to the circuit diagram X17.3.1-8, to the fuse box CR2 relay X17.3.1-11 connected to TCON, C6-10
5. [Maintenance Step 5]: According to the circuit diagram CR2 relay is powered by the CB9 fuse, the measuring fuse is disconnected, and the generator still does not work after replacing the fuse. Normally, there is no other failure to generate electricity after generating a fuse (the following figure shows that the fuse is not damaged to measure the measurement).

6. [Maintenance Step 6]: Check why the CB9 fuse is burned. Check the on -site device to find the hydraulic oil cooling fan reserved line. The ground is burned over the heat fuse (the device has no fan, as shown in the picture below, the device has two plugs). According to the circuit diagram, the hydraulic oil cooling fan reserves the line to pick up the power on the CR2 relay, the CR2 relay electricity is available on CB9, CB9 insurance The power supply controls the hydraulic oil cooling fan, the oil cooling fan and the alarm speaker. After the CB9 is broken, the TCON cannot receive the above signal, and the 80-13 code will appear, which will cause the generator to not work and the device cannot be used. After replacing the fuse, re-wrap the line and the device will return to normal.

(This picture shows that two reserved illustrations of the hydraulic oil cooling fan)
Final failure point and solution: replace a CB9 fuse and re -wrap the hydraulic oil cooling fan line.


6. Summary of experience and refinement

1. [Maintenance reminder]:

Because the inner equipment needs to confirm whether it can be repaired and confirmed with the manufacturer to operate. After confirming whether it is damaged, it is confirmed whether the manufacturer is required to protect the internal service, and the plug lines that are reserved on the device for the time being or artificially removed are fixed to the package to fix the package. Live, prevent lines or plugs from exposing for a long time, causing short circuit or other failures.

2. [Experience Summary]:

Skill harvest
In this maintenance, there is a better understanding of whether the generator is damaged:
Maintenance skills:

Observe the equipment carefully during the maintenance process. The problem of a plug may cause many failures. From easy to difficult to check, check the circuit diagram step by step to find the failure point.

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