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By Eric chen | 23 June 2022 | 0 Comments

Genie-Boom Lift-S100-Electric System-Device has only a big arm rising decrease function

1. Overview of case value

This case can help service technicians, how to deal with the problem of old equipment processing and help them improve the processing failure

2. Vehicle information registration

1. Manufacturer: Gilgi
2. Model: Arm cart
3. Model: S100
4. Production date: 2011
5. Working time 4476
6. No failure code
7. Weather status: normal
8. Failure system: electrical system
9. Failure phenomenon: The device cannot start

3. fault phenomenon confirmation

This device has been suspended for too long. Earlier, Ginno manufacturers have confirmed that other components are damaged. After the new part is installed, it is found that the equipment reports fails, and the motor cannot operate.

4. analysis of the cause

The equipment has a long period of time, and there are many traces of the load and other line beams. It is suspected that it is a deficiency of the line.

First of all

5. Check and repair steps

1. Through the circuit diagram, check the connection of the upper platform J1 to the platform. It was found that the next platform J1 23 stitches black plug -in at 13 feet were connected. After the re -connection was well connected, the equipment loaded alarm disappeared
2. Try to start the device, start the motor without response, measure the start of the motor power supply, the power supply voltage is 12V, and the power supply is normal. Start the driving road between the two points of the motor, suspect that the motor is damaged, and after the start of the motor, the device starts normally
3. After the device starts normally, test all functions, the device has only the upper and lower function of the arm, and all the remaining functions are not.
In the exercise, the two sets of thread bundles with large arms rising are normal 12V power supply. After the two sets of thread bundles of the upper arms rising and the big arm extend the solenoid valve wiring beam, the big arm also extends normally. No, determine that the function solenoid valve group has no problem, it should be a problem with the front -end power supply supply
5. Suspecting the main control circuit software version, the software version of the lower control circuit board is 3.10, and the other equipment software version of the same model is 3.12. After brushing the software version 3.12 on the faulty device, the failure is tested again.
6. Because the manufacturer cannot confirm whether there is a problem with the software version or the main control computer board, the main control board is removed from other equipment as a whole. In order to disassemble the convenience, the entire main control box and the box control buttons are touched the switch to the switch. Wait for disassembly together. After the installation is installed, all functions of the device are normal.
7. There is no other injury in the main control board, and there is no error in computer reading. At this time, the original faulty owner control box control part (including display, touch, various buttons, cable beams) is removed and installed to the main control board that has been confirmed to test, and the equipment fault appears again. At this time, the fault can be reduced in the box display, touch, various buttons, and the wiring beam
8. After a detailed comparison replacement test, it was found that the control wire beam plug was corroded. After cleaning the wire beam and each button plug, it was installed again.

6. Summary of experience and refinement

1. [Maintenance reminder]:
The equipment may consider whether the possibility of water in each point is too long in the field time
2. [Experience Summary]:
When replacing parts to check the fault, you need to consider various possibilities
3. [Theoretical interpretation]:
The device will control the corresponding solenoid valve from the white 35 -pin plug -in (P4) on the main control board. The first pin is the negative electrode, and the 2 foot is positive 12V. They will use the function of the large arm to use the solenoid valve to power the power valve. At the same time, the 7 -pin output 12V of the P4's 7th positive electricity to the large arm rising solenoid valve will be returned to the 27 foot of P4.

The equipment should be lifted with a large arm raising action. The 2 and 7 of P4 must have 12 volts. Then the corresponding test function can enable the coil resistance of the valve and the large arm to lift valve. If the resistance is unlimited or the road is open, it means that the coil is broken.
The enlightenment of these functions is achieved by the K1 and K2 relays on the main control board
K1 is responsible for the rise and decline of the bulls. K2 is responsible for the extension of the auxiliary pump and the extension of the big arm and the turning of the turntable.
In this case, the equipment has been in maintenance due to the water inlet corrosion of the control wire beam on the main control board
It is equivalent to the rise and fall of the devices only with the upper arms, no other functions

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