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By Eric chen | 24 June 2022 | 0 Comments

JLG 600S engine failure to hold the machine failure exclusion

1. Case developer

Case developer: Xiao Yang;
Business store: General Changsha Repair Group;
Case finalization time: April 28, 2022;


2. Vehicle information registration

1. Manufacturer: Jiejie/Deutz;
2. Device model: 600S/D2011L04;
3. Serial number: B300001304/116803479;
4. Work hours: 5969h;
5. Failure code: None;
6. Failure system: accessories gas mechanism;
7. Failure phenomenon: The engine is weak;


3. Failure phenomenon confirmation

After the on -site inspection, no problems were found. Natural car, the starting machine preheated to the normal temperature, controlled the platform control, and the large load output test machine only felt that the sound sound of the engine exhaust was particularly dull, accompanied by gray -white smoke exclusion, the phenomenon of holding the machine, the phenomenon of holding machines In severe, the existence of the fault was confirmed.                


4. Analysis of the cause of failure

analysis of idea:
Symptoms: Machine weakness, holding machine, difficulty in load.
Visitor: The exhaust sound is dull and accompanied by a gray -white smoke. This is a kind of manifestation of the lack of engine power of the engine and the lack of motor power.

Possible fault points:

1. [Fail Point 1]: Poor fuel injector atomization
2. [Fail Point 2]: The valve rocker is broken;
3. [Failure point 3]: The valve of the valve is invalid;
4. [Fail Point 4]: The cylinder pad is effective;
5. [Fail Point 5]: Big column is damaged;
6. [Failure point 6]: Camshaft cam is severely worn;


5. Check and repair steps

5.1 Inspection site 1: Disassemble injector inspection

Description of the inspection process: Remove the high -pressure oil pipe and the fuel injector to install a fixed card and pull out the injector.

The theoretical normal value/status: It is found that the 1 -cylinder fuel injector is too carbon; if the normal combustion, the injector should be ash to normal.

Comparison conclusion: 1 cylinder injector work abnormality (as shown above).

5.2 Inspection site 2: valve rocker inspection

Description of the inspection process: Disassemble the engine valve cover, and check the inlet rocker, rocker arm shaft, valve spring, valve tingling pole, etc. one by one, and the fault is not found.

The theoretical normal value/state: The components of the gas distribution mechanism of the cylinder head are as good as the beginning.

Comparison conclusion: Normal.

5.3 Inspection site 3: cylinder sealing cushion inspection

Description of the inspection process: When the cylinder head is removed, check the cylinder pads without any problems.

The theoretical normal value/state: the cylinder head is flat and there is no deformation, and the cylinder pad is not abolished

Compared with the conclusion: The cylinder head and cylinder mat are intact, normal (as shown above).

Final failure point and solution:

When the cylinder head is unveiled, the cylinder pad is not a problem, and the fault exclusion once entered the bottleneck. All parts were checked one by one. After patient search, with the help of strong flashlight light, the faulty veil was unveiled.

The valve pillar was damaged, resulting in changes in the gap between advancement and exhaust valves, causing the 1 -cylinder to lack the cylinder without normal work, causing the engine to drag the load.

The disassembly steps of the engine crank connecting mechanism and gas distribution mechanism are omitted. Finally, the camshaft was pulled out, and the two pillars were replaced. The test machine returned to normal. Finally, the phenomenon of the engine was weak.


The engine maintenance requires experienced technicians to diagnose their faults and cannot neglect. The details of the fault will slip away from the eyes. Many faults like the sea to fish needles, only the hair is blowing, and the tiny failure point is found in thousands of parts.

6. Summary of experience and refinement

1. [Maintenance reminder]:
The failure and maintenance of the engine requires certain maintenance professional foundations and special tools. Disassembling and installation requires pollution. Only by cleaning and hygiene can maintenance products meet the standards.

2. [Experience Summary]:
Maintenance prompt:
In this failure exclusion work, the premise of preparation is necessary. It is necessary to use: 300nm torque spanner, plug ruler, fuel injection pressure inspection, oil injection timing positioning, etc.
Ordinary commonly used tools, oil pots, oil barrels, rags, etc.
Accessories such as the upper and lower parts of the engine, the damaged pillars, sealing, etc.

Maintenance skills:
During the installation, the steps and order must be performed in accordance with the "Maintenance Manual Standard". The tightening torque+angle of each screw must meet the requirements of the technical parameter standard. Such as crankshaft bolts, flyover taps, and cylinder head bolts must be assembled in accordance with the standards of maintenance manuals. The size of the tiles and the valve gap must be in line with the standard range. After the time the time belt is assembled, the crankshaft should be rotated a few times a few times more time to ensure the correctness of the positive fashion assembly.

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