Genie-Boom Lift-S105-Hydraulic System-Unable to drive
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By Eric chen | 27 June 2022 | 0 Comments

Genie-Boom Lift-S105-Hydraulic System-Unable to drive

1. Overview of case value

This case can help service technicians to learn the ability to deal with comprehensive faults, and help improve how they use the theoretical schematic analysis and combine with actual experience in the actual work. The importance of the maintenance efficiency and maintenance quality is improved.

2. Vehicle information registration

1. Manufacturer: Genie
2. Model: BOOM LIFT
3. Model: S105D
4. Production date: August 2017
5. Working time: 3331
6. Failure code: None
7. Weather status: 21 degrees sunny day
8. Failure system: hydraulic system
9. Failure phenomenon: The device cannot walk, and other functions are normal

3. Failure phenomenon confirmation

The equipment can be walked before and after, but there is a trend of walking.

4. Analysis of the cause of failure

1. [Fault point 1]: Lack of hydraulic oil.                                                     
2. [Failure point 2]: Check the circuit problem to walk electromagnetic and brakes without electricity.
3. [Failure point 3]: Walking pump damage.
4. [Fail Point 7]: The brake valve card cannot be released at the brake position.
5. [Fault Point 4]: The central turning connecting connector is leaked.
6. [Failure point 5]: The oil supplement pump damage and the oil supplement pump safety valve stuck caused insufficient oil supplement pressure.
7. [Failure point 6]: The hot -rushing valve FE card holds the seal damage and the pressure setting valve FF card stuck pressure setting is wrong or damaged.
8. [Failure point 8]: Solding machine failure.

5. Check and repair steps

1. Check the level of liquid oil, oil, and valve.
2. Check the circuit problem, because the tires are not allowed to be awarded the tires without alarm, and the circuit problem can be eliminated. Further check the measurement of the voltage of the walking solenoid valve according to the input value of the handle. The voltage of the brake valve is about 12.3V. Essence
3. M2 interface installation and measurement measurement connectors When walking, the walking pump pressure 3500PSI walking pump is normal.
4. Remove the FC -powered test of the brake valve core, and perform the replacement test.
5. Measted walking pressure values ​​and normal internal leakage.
6. Device startup does not move from M2 oral measurement pressure 300PSI, the oil supplement pump is normal.
7. When doing walking action, measure the TEST pressure of the walking valve 20PSI. The normal value is 280PSI, so that the brake valve cannot be opened, the device cannot walk, and the FF valve core check finds that there is a foreign body card death that the low -pressure end pressure cannot be established.

6. Summary of experience and refinement

1. [Maintenance reminder]:
1. Clean up on -site to ensure maintenance conditions and warn.
2. During the disassembly process, the hydraulic system is leaked in advance to ensure no pressure. Wearing protective glasses during maintenance to prevent hydraulic damage.
3. The protection of the on -site environment, prepare an appropriate oil connection tool, and seal the hydraulic system in a timely manner. After the component is checked, it must be strictly cleaned to prevent secondary pollution damage.
4. Wear protective glasses during maintenance.

2. [Experience Summary]:
1. First of all, it is clear that it is a failure of hydraulic, electrical or mechanical failure. After a direction, the time to deal with the fault is further reduced to reduce the maintenance time. Analyze the principle diagram of the device, and the symbol representation components on the schematic diagram shall find the specific location of the part with the part of the part.

3. [Theoretical basis]:
The symbol and parts manual of the S105 model of this model cannot be explained in English.

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