Genie-Boom Lift-S125-Hydraulic System-No Action
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By Eric chen | 28 June 2022 | 0 Comments

Genie-Boom Lift-S125-Hydraulic System-No Action

1. Overview of case value
Let everyone know the direction of the hydraulic oil circuit during emergency S125 models.

2. Vehicle information registration
1. Manufacturer: Genie
2. Model: BOOM LIFT
3. Model: S125
4. Production date: 155
5. Working time: 3358
6. Failure code: None
7. Weather status: clear
8. Failure system: hydraulic system
9. Failure phenomenon: There is no action for emergency.

Third, fault phenomenon confirmation
There are no emergency actions on the upper and lower platforms, and emergency motors work.

Fourth, analysis of the cause
The test aircraft found that emergency motors work, but no emergency action. According to the fault, check the following possible items:
1. [Fault point 1]: Insufficient battery voltage, insufficient emergency motor power.
2. [Failure point 2]: Insufficient traffic pump flow or damage to the flower keys
3. [Fault point 3]: Auxiliary solenoid valve AA and valve core.

5. Check and repair steps
1. [Battery voltage, insufficient emergency motor power]: Do emergency action, measure the battery voltage when working on emergency motors, 11.8V, normal.
2. [Insufficient traffic pump flow or damage to the flower key]: Remove the urgent pump out of the oil pipe, do emergency movements, and the oil supply pipe is normal.
3. [Auxiliary solenoid valve AA and valve core]: Do any emergency action, measure the voltage of the solenoid valve, about 11V, and the magnetic force is normal. At this point, the lock failure point is the AA valve failure. Disassemble the AA valve, find the valve core wear, stagnation, replace the AA valve, the test machine is normal, and the fault is eliminated.

6. Summary of experience and refinement
1. [Maintenance reminder]: When disassembling the oil pipe as an action test machine, use the appropriate container to prepare oil. The removal of the oil pipe exit cannot be facing personnel or equipment components.
2. [Experience Summary]: According to the analysis of fault phenomena, all movements are normal after the device is started, indicating that the main circuit of the hydraulic is normal, and there is no emergency action on the upper and lower platforms. The emergency motor is working normally. Auxiliary solenoid valve/valve core. According to the principle of easy and difficult, just investigate one by one.
3. [theoretical interpretation]: During emergency action, hydraulic oil flow: hydraulic fuel tank -emergency pump entrance -emergency pump outlet -auxiliary direction valve (AA valve) -enter the main car circuit.

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