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By Eric chen | 29 June 2022 | 0 Comments

Genie-Boom Lift-S105-Electric System-Slowing action for a period of time

1. Overview of case value

When repairing the equipment, the disassembled oil pipe and joint must be tagged, and it must be installed correctly during installation. To repair the equipment that others have repaired, we must understand the initial fault phenomenon, maintenance process, and maintenance items.


2. Vehicle information registration

1. Manufacturer: Genie
2. Model: BOOM LIFT
3. Model: S105
4. Production date: 155
5. Working time: 4683
6. Failure code: None
7. Weather status: good
8. Failure system: electrical system
9. Failure phenomenon: The equipment slows slower after several hours of continuous use.


3. fault phenomenon confirmation

The car is a device that pulls from the business store to the Guangzhou maintenance group for maintenance.

The fault phenomenon according to the user feedback is that after the equipment is used for three or four hours, the platform movement (basket, arm, manual leveling movement) is very slow.

The situation of the company's service staff on -site test machine feedback is that after the equipment is continuously used, the platform moves slowly when the platform is operated (the lower platform is normal), and all the actions of the entire vehicle will sometimes disappear, and the newly started the device will have action again. No alarm.

After the equipment arrived at the maintenance group, a test machine was conducted for about two consecutive hours, and there was no failure of the equipment.


4. analysis of the cause

After the equipment arrived at the maintenance team, a test machine was conducted for two consecutive hours, and there was no failure of the equipment. Considering that this is an old device, the suspicion of the fault is related to the aging equipment, the aging of hydraulic sealing parts, and the aging of the electrical system. Therefore, the formulation of the equipment maintenance plan is formulated, and the old oil pipes, platform films, hydraulic pump oil seepage, and valve block oil seepage are used to order parts. Time test machine and system parameters adjustment.

After the accessories arrive, the device is performed: aging oil pipe replacement, upper control box polishing and renovation, hydraulic pump decomposition replacement sealing parts, and valve block decomposition and replacement sealing parts. After the completion, the device cannot be started. Because the waiting accessories and restoration process lasted for nearly a month, and I didn't think much. Remove the starting battery and function battery for charging, then start the test machine, and perform various items that may cause faults to measure.

1. [Fault point 1]: The pressure of the hydraulic system, the pressure of each measurement point.
2. [Fail Point 2]: upper platform voltage, voltage drop
3. [Fail Point 3]: The temperature of the hydraulic system


5. Check and repair steps

1. [Hydraulic system pressure and pressure point pressure point pressure]: When cold and hot machines, the pressure measurement in various states of various pressure ports is normal.
2. [Upper platform voltage, voltage drop]: When opening the emergency stop operation equipment, and when starting the equipment operation action, the voltage and voltage drop detection is normal.
3. [Hydraulic system temperature]: The equipment is running for about three consecutive hours, hydraulic fuel tanks, valve blocks and other parts. The temperature of the hydraulic oil is between 50-65 ° and normal. The equipment is also normal, without failure.
At this point, the fault inspection process is fell into a dead end. After reorganizing the inspection ideas, I plan to continue the test machine until the measurement is reappeared.

After continuing the test machine, after six or seven hours of the test machine, I found that the forearm of the equipment and the manual leveling movement became slower. At this time, the pressure of the hydraulic system is normal. Measure the voltage of the arm and level the power valve voltage, and it is found that there are only about 8V, which is abnormal. With load measurement on the platform voltage, 10.5V, abnormal. Measure the starting battery voltage, 13.5V, normal. Measurement function battery voltage, 11V, abnormal. The conclusion: The function battery is not charged. So analyze the charging line:

It can be seen from the figure that when the generator is charged, the function battery is charged first. When the function battery detects 13.2V voltage, the electrical appliances work, and at the same time, the battery and function battery are charged.

Check the equipment charging line according to the drawing data, and it is found that the appliances of the equipment have been disassembled. The charging line from the generator is connected to the AUX pile feet with the wire pile head of the battery. The conclusion is concluded that the engine charging line is wrong, which causes the equipment to charge the battery when running, and the function battery has not been charged. At the same time, the system has been using the function of the function battery itself. Before the device test machine, because we could not start, we had charged the battery, so there was no failure. After a long time test machine, the function battery was lost, and the fault was reflected.

Processing result: Plugs back the charging line of the generator back to the electrical app, so that the device can first supply the function batteries and systems when runtime. The test machine, the device is normal. There was no failure in the later period.


6. Summary of experience and refinement

1. [Maintenance reminder]: When removing oil pipes, electrical plugs, etc., be sure to mark it. Sometimes artificial failure does not talk about logic and does not talk about martial arts, it is difficult to investigate.

2. [Experience Summary]: Inspeal in non -real -time failure, you must check and test in the state of failure; when taking over the equipment that others have repaired, you must understand the reasons, projects and processes in the early stage.

3. [Theoretical interpretation]: There are two batteries and the charging principle of charging split appliances: before the engine starts, the function battery is powered by the system. At 13.2V, divide the electrical appliances and start power supply batteries, systems, and startup batteries at the same time.

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