Genie-Boom Lift-125XC-Electric System-No Movement
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By Eric chen | 01 July 2022 | 0 Comments

Genie-Boom Lift-125XC-Electric System-No Movement

1. Overview of case value

Cases help the service personnel to understand the source of Gini 125XC, P7R power supply source, driver, and turning to the platform to turn around

2. Vehicle information registration

1. Manufacturer: Genie
2. Model: BOOM LIFT
3. Model: S125XC
4. Production date: 2018.06
5. work time:
6. Fault code: P38, P39
7. Weather status: clear
8. Failure system: electrical system
9. Failure phenomenon: No action

3. fault phenomenon confirmation

You can start a test drive but there is no action

4. analysis of the cause

The device is in the collection position, the legs are full extension, and the alarm P38.P39 is turned on without any action. According to the system alarm code, the power supply power supply P38 is displayed, and the power supply power supply P39 is displayed. As a result

1. [Failure point 1]: The level of non -collection status exceeds 5 °
2. [Fail Point 2]: angle cross detection error
3. [Fail Point 3]: Cross -length detection error
4. [Fault point 4]: The car shaft is not fully extended.
5. [Fail Point 5]: P7R has no electricity
6. [Fail Point 6]: P7 control power abnormalities
7. [Fail Point 7]: SCON failure, TCON failure
Based on the above obvious functional restrictions and alarm, the electrical system failure is performed, and the hydraulic failure is temporarily eliminated.

5. Check and repair steps

1. [Failure point 1]: Determine whether the TCON J12-16 pin has a 12V voltage circuit, measure the voltage of TCON J12-19 needle pins with a 12V circuit, and the circuit voltage is normal after measuring. Check the display level of the display screen within 5 °, and this fault point is temporarily excluded.

2. [Failure point 2]: View the display angle value of the system on the display screen is less than 10 °, and the angle of the devices is matched with the angle of the device without an angle crossing alarm. This fault point is temporarily excluded.

3. [Failure point 3]: View the system on the display system displayed length value, and pull the length sensor to pull the rope behind the big arm. The value changes and the length of the length of the device does not appear cross -length alarm. This fault point is temporarily excluded.

4. [Failure point 4]: View the display of the shaft in the display system is full extension, measure the voltage of LSFA1ES 4 of the axis switching side of the car shaft switching, the voltage of the No. 4 foot of the car shaft should be 12V. The measurement of TCON P12-06 stitches should be 12V. The LSRA1ES No. 1 DCON P31 -23 of the measurement side switching of the axle switch should be 12V. After the measurement voltage is normal, the disassembly limit is not found. The limitation of the expansion shaft is normal and the car shaft is in a full extension state, and this failure point is temporarily excluded. (Insurance can check whether the regional restrictions can be triggered by LST1O, LST2O, and the LST1S safety limit space. The switching of the switch to trigger the switch is not affected).

5. [Failure point 5]: In the case of restrictions, there are no abnormalities. Check P38, P39 front -end power supply power supply P7R, and normal P7R is 12V power supply after the platform operation is stepped on or down the platform operation. The measuring ground mode TCON P12-05 is an exception. At this point, the SCON module failure can be excluded temporarily.

6. [Failure point 6]: P7R power supply is power supply by TCON computer board BTS650 (similar to the power control chip of relay), and the BTS650 IN terminal is controlled by 74HC08, 10 (Changdian), and No. 9 (P7). P7 power supply is powered by BTS621, BTS621 power supply is controlled by 74HC08, No. 1 (function enabled), and No. 2 (ground mode). When the ground mode is used to do action, the supply voltage supply voltage No. 2 is normal. After the measurement of P7, the power supply voltage is only about 6V. At this time Voltage abnormality ③P7 peripheral line short circuit. Follow the principles of Jane to difficulty to measure the TCON J16-1 main power supply P_1 voltage normally, so this failure point is excluded. After rear exclusion ③P7 peripheral circuit, the P7 line is turned to the upper platform line separately, and the TCON -end P7 voltage is normal at this time. It is judged that there is a short circuit from the ground to the platform P7 line. The rod cable is connected to the upper platform foot. After inspection, the pedaling and switching line of the guide rod cable was found to have a short circuit of the pedal connection line and the platform frame.


6. Summary of experience and refinement

1. [Maintenance reminder]:
Do not pull TCON/SCON and other modules such as Gini 125XC, which will cause system data loss. After the loss, you need to perform tedious school nuclear.

2. [Experience Summary]:
Circuit system maintenance, regardless of the arms scissors car, analyze the components represented on the circuit diagram, understand the work logic, working conditions, and find problems in principle. There is a limited logic to understand the relationship between upstream logic, and the circuit control is intertwined. There is a fault code when the maintenance device is preferred from the fault code, but there may be problems with the direction of the failure code guidance, and you need to pay attention. This failure has been delayed according to the above failure point process. It has been delayed for a lot of time. In the maintenance process, it is not limited to which fault point starting from, and it can also be used flexibly. Perhaps it may be possible to find the problem of the line disconnection in front of the device for inspection.

3. [Theoretical basis]:
125XC circuit diagram, restricted schematic diagram.

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