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By Eric chen | 01 July 2022 | 0 Comments

Genie-Boom Lift-S65-Electric System-Unable to School Armoputra angle

1. Overview of case value

Due to design defects, the bracket will be deformed after the armband raising, which will cause the sales axis of the installation angle sensor to be lost, making the angle sensor unable to induced correctly. This case is mainly to let everyone understand how the angle sensor works, and how to solve it after the problem occurs.

2. Vehicle information registration

1. Manufacturer: Genie
2. Model: BOOM LIFT
3. Model: S65
4. Production date: 155
5. Working time: 3842
6. Failure code: None
7. weather:
8. Failure system: electrical system
9. Failure phenomenon: Unable to school the angle of the armband.

3. fault phenomenon confirmation

Without alarm, the raising speed of the arms is slow. The verification of the angle of the arm pole was found to be unable to verify.

4. analysis of the cause

Measuring angle sensor lines, no abnormalities, normal power supply, abnormal signal feedback, dismantling angle sensor check, found that the angle sensor installation of the sales axis was trapped in about one centimeter, making the sensor unable to induced.


According to this phenomenon, first of all, it is suspected that the bracket bracket deformation is deformed, but by comparing other vehicles of the same model, the distance, level, right angle, etc. of each place of the bracket is found, and no deformation is found. The only abnormal place is the distance between the armband oil cylinder about one centimeter wider than other equipment. Finally, remove the arm pole and bracket, and assemble it on the ground to measure (the entire bracket is measured without being affected by external forces), and no deformation is found. But a shaft jersey has a displacement.

 Install the arm frame on the device, and find that when the arm rod is in the collection position, the distance between the oil cylinder and the bracket is only about 3 mm, but as the armband rises, this spacing will become larger.

This concluded that the intensity of the arm rod bracket may be insufficient, which leads to the larger spacing after the lifting. The sales of the sales shaft are moved inside. Movement eventually caused the sensor to be unable to be correct.


5. Maintenance steps

Considering the reasons for maintenance costs, the cost of replacement of the armband bracket is too high. If the bracket is reinforced, the welding technology and changes in the bracket structure may lead to other uncertain factors.

Finally, determine the simplest and easy -to -process maintenance solution: modify/install a large pad at the deck position, so that the sales shaft will not move.


6. Summary of experience and refinement

1. [Maintenance reminder]: When disassembling the structural parts of the device, be sure to master the force, connection, etc. of the component, or it is easy to occur during the disassembly process.
2. [Experience Summary]: The phenomenon caused by the design or structural defect of the device, sometimes it will be troublesome or cost -effective. When you encounter such problems, communicate with the manufacturer.
3. [Theoretical interpretation]: When installing/modification of the device, it is best to consult the manufacturer. Whether such installation or modification will affect the structure and safety of the device. This modification is also a consulting manufacturer. It was confirmed by the manufacturer.

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