Genie S65XC boom lift
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By Eric chen | 05 July 2022 | 0 Comments

Genie S65XC boom lift

1. Overview of case value

This case can help service technicians to learn how to solve it. When the engine starts 1 ~ 3 minutes, the failure of the fireouts will help improve how they use the theoretical application in actual work to solve the actual failure problem, and improve the maintenance efficiency and the efficiency of maintenance and the efficiency of maintenance and maintenance. Indicators for maintenance quality.


2. Vehicle information registration

1. Manufacturer: Genie
2. Model: straight arm car
3. Model: S65XC
4. Production date: 2021-07-09
5. Working time: 215.4
6. Fault code 100-1
7. Weather status: clear
8. Failure system: engine
9. Failure phenomenon: Automatically turn off at idle speed after the engine starts

Or the rated speed runs automatically to turn off the fire in about 1 minute

3. fault phenomenon confirmation

After the engine starts, it will automatically turn off for 1 ~ 3 minutes after the start of the engine for about 1 to 3 minutes. It will automatically turn off for about 1 minute at the rated speed. Synchronous alarm engine failure code 100-1 (engine oil pressure low alarm).

4. analysis of the cause

1. Insufficient motor oil;
2. Machine oil filter factor blocking
3. Machine oil pressure sensor failure
4. Engine ECU receiving data abnormality
5. Oil pressure pressure leakage valve abnormal


5. Check and repair steps

1. Check that there is no abnormality in the oil level of the motor, and the amount of oil is sufficient
2. Check the oil filter factor, change the failure of the new oil filter factor, and the oil filter factor may be blocked
3. After the oil pressure sensor is removed, the system reports 100-2 (the oil pressure sensor failure) to test the other normal equipment pressure sensors, the fault is still, and the oil pressure sensor failure is excluded.
4. Check the engine ECU module, and adjust the engine ECU with other devices.
5. Check the pressure of the oil pressure relief valve, and find that there are irregular non -flat conditions in the contact valve line of the valve core and the valve seat contact valve. Establish 100-1 oil pressure at a low pressure of oil pressure caused by normal oil work pressure. Use 3000 destination sandpaper to grind and clean up, clean and load after cleaning, and run for more than 5 minutes at idle speed (rated the rated speed for more than 3 minutes). Try to try it. The machine resumes normal and the fault code disappears.

6. Summary of experience and refinement

1. [Maintenance reminder]: Pay attention to anti -burns when the engine thermal machine is stopped. Due to the oil pressure to keep the tight torque on the valve, the pressure rod must be used when removing the oil pressure to keep the valve. There is a spring inside. When removing, pay attention to avoid the spring injury.

2. [Experience Summary]: For the engine failure alarm, you should follow the simplified into the complication, read the fault code first, and correctly understand the source of the fault.

3. [Theoretical basis]: The pressure of the engine alarm engine oil is low. For common three -cylinder machines, it will burn the oil at low idle operation, and it is necessary to check whether the oil deposits are normal. Subsequently check the corresponding filter factor and pressure to maintain the system work according to the engine oil workflow.

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