Genie ArticularEd Boom Lifts Z45/25J
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By Eric chen | 06 July 2022 | 0 Comments

Genie ArticularEd Boom Lifts Z45/25J

1. Overview of case value

This case can help the service staff to learn how to judge the solution to the hydraulic failure, the failure of the device's functional speed is extremely slow, and how to solve the actual failure problem through the corresponding hydraulic diagram in actual work to solve the actual failure problem


2. Vehicle information registration

1. Manufacturer: Genie
2. Model: Articulated Boom Lifts
3. Model: Z45/25J
4. Production date: August 2012
5. Working time: 5025
6. Failure code: None
7. Weather status: clear
8. Failure system: hydraulic pressure
9. Failure phenomenon: main auxiliary arm, turning on the platform, platform turning, arm and manual leveling movement slowly

3. fault phenomenon confirmation

Internal maintenance found engines and emergency tests, main auxiliary arm, turning on the platform, platform turning, arm and manual leveling movements slowly

4. analysis of the cause

Battery voltage or line failure: so that the solenoid valve cannot be fully turned on
Function pump failure: Drive pump and engine flywheel end connection abnormalities, the function pump itself causes insufficient hydraulic oil flow, resulting in too slow speed.
Flowing valve failure: The stagnation of the valve core card causes insufficient oil pressure
Related valve core internal leakage or stagnation: The oil pressure and flow of oil provided are reduced, resulting in the slow movement speed

5. Check and repair steps

Use a multimeter to measure the battery voltage to 7V, check that the line is not damaged virtual connection
The test walking function is normal and the turn is normal. The analysis of the schematic diagram indicates that the driver pump is normal. The function pump is normal.
Turn to the solenoid valve plug and the main auxiliary arm, turn the table to turn, the platform turns, the arm and manual leveling of the tone, and the steering action function is still slow.
The engine accelerator test function, some functional actions have accelerated trends, and still cannot meet normal work needs.
Based on the hydraulic diagram analysis, the difference may cause insufficient oil pressure due to the stagnation of the sensing valve card
Disassembling differences The sensing valve cleaning test, replacement test failure still exists
Combined with the schematic analysis, the one -way valve failure of the test port TP2 can also cause low oil pressure, and all functional movements are slow
Disassembling unidirectional valve discovery the work platform to rotate the short arm to the right -handed unidirectional valve oil seal lack of oil seal

Unidirectional valve oil seal replacement, cleaning and recovery of the valve block. Failure

6. Summary of experience and refinement

【Maintenance reminder】:
The fault point needs to be analyzed according to the schematic diagram, clarifying the processing failure step by step in one direction. The principle diagram of the device must be proficient in graphics.


【Summary of Experience】:
When you encounter a failure, you must first judge that it is mechanical, electrical or hydraulic failure, and the fault point is caused by the confirmation step by step according to the normal discharge thinking.

【Theoretical interpretation】:
The working platform rotates the short arm to the right -handed one -way valve oil seal. When doing functional movements, the hydraulic oil is leaked from the one -way valve, causing the functional movement to be slow and abnormal

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