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By Eric chen | 07 July 2022 | 0 Comments


1. Overview of case value

This case can help service technicians to learn how to solve it. When JLG ES's scissors car newspaper is the same fault code, they can know which direction to solve the actual failure problem from the direction and improve the maintenance efficiency and maintenance quality indicators. Essence

2. Vehicle information registration

1. Manufacturer:https://h-equips.com/products/2015-jlg-3246es-scissor-lift-boom-1168m-aeiral-platform-genie-dingli-skyjack-gs3246
2. Model: Scissor lift
3. Model: 3246ES
4. Production date: August 29, 2016
5. Working time 450.6
6. Fault code 446 661 662
7. Weather status: normal
8. Failure system: electrical failure
9. Failure phenomenon: no action on the entire vehicle

3. fault phenomenon confirmation

When the power switch is turned on, the key switch is controlled to control, and the system directly alarm when the lifting action is performed. The key switch selects the system directly to the alarm when the upper control is controlled. When inserted an analyzer, the upper control analyzer display (662) control the analyzer display (661), occasionally 446 fault alarm, the vehicle has no action.

4. analysis of the cause

661 and 662 Bind the fault phenomenon and fault code to make a preliminary judgment as the CAN line that may be short -circuited or disconnected.


5. Check and repair steps

1. Check the No. 10 and No. 10 and 11 of the ground control box connection plug of the Power Module J2 plug to the top of the upper platform handle plug.

2. Confirm that the CAN line is intact and there is no short circuit and disconnection. Next check (446) failure.

3. Check the battery voltage. The measurement of each battery first is 6.4V, but the total voltage of the total voltage at the main relay is 23.5V


4. Check the wiring terminal of each battery and find that there is a battery's terminal and the oxidation below the wiring.

5. Clean up the terminals of each battery, reinstall the battery connection line, and then test the vehicle function, everything is normal.

6. Summary of experience

1. Because the fault code displayed on the analyzer is (661, 662) occasionally a fault code (446), it is focused on (661, 662), so it takes a longer time.

2. When a fault code occurs, you must look at the service manual if you are uncertain.

3. The analyzer will record the fault code that has occurred in the past. You can refer to the previous code to make analysis and comparison, which will be greatly helpful for maintenance.

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