Genie S105 boom lift
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By Eric chen | 07 July 2022 | 0 Comments

Genie S105 boom lift

1. Overview of case value
This case can help service technicians to deal with the engine ignition failure, understand the working principle of motivation, and help them solve the problem through the theoretical application in actual work.

2. Vehicle information registration
1. Manufacturer: Genie
2. Model: BOOM LIFT
3. Model: S105
4. Production Date:
5. work time
6. error code
7. Weather status: normal
8. Failure system: electrical system
9. Failure phenomenon: The device cannot start

Third, fault phenomenon confirmation
Test the car on the spot, the equipment key started at the start of the motor without action. The engine ignition is unsuccessful

Fourth, analysis of the cause
Are there any problems in the starting process of equipment?

When the emergency stop switch is pulled out, the electric oil absorption valve should run when the key is twisted down the platform.

When the engine is warm up, when the startup button is mounted

Starting the motor relay should get the electricity, the motor should drive the flywheel-crankshaft operation,

At the same time, the fuel electromagnetic valve should be turned on, supply the oil in the cylinder, and the ignition is successful

It is necessary to consider whether the power supply of each component is normal, and whether there is any problem with the start of the motor

5. Check and repair steps
1. For a detailed test, the upper and lower platforms all turn on the emergency stop switch. After the key is twisted down the platform, the oil -absorbing solenoid valve normally responds. After the ignition switch is mounted, the motor has no signs of no operation.

2. Measure the starting battery voltage, 12.6V, the battery voltage is normal

3. When you dial the ignition button, you hear the sound of starting the motor fork, and at the same time measure the positive electrode voltage at the motor at the motor, which is 12.6V and the power supply is normal. Started the motor without operation.

4. Disassembled the motor, disassembled the starting motor, and found that the starting motor carbon brush has been severely worn and fixed with a fixed carbon brush.

5. The inspection found that the carbon brush could not be replaced. Replace the new startup motor for a test drive, the equipment starts normally, the fault is resolved

6. Summary of experience and refinement

1. [Maintenance reminder]:

The engine used in this device is Daosz's 2011 TD straight spray. The 4 carbon brush of the Madami is equipped with high temperature welding. And two on the side of the stator, 2 on the side of the lid. Can not change the carbon brush with existing conditions. If the carbon brushing is severe, only the startup motor assembly is replaced. As shown in the figure below, the carbon brush below has been worn, causing the inability to contact the inner rotor switchor in the motor normally.

2. [Experience Summary]:

When the device cannot start, first observe whether the electricity of each component is given. For example, the fuel injection electromagnetic valve obtains electricity. Then measure whether the output of the battery is normal. The starting battery voltage of the arm car should be above 12V, and the minimum should not be lower than 11V. After determining the battery voltage, analyze which circuit problems occur through the drawing

3. [Theoretical interpretation]:

The cause of this failure is to start motor damage and try to analyze the working principle of starting the motor.

DC motors generate electromagnetic torque and are responsible for rotating work. The transmission institution enables the gear driving to start the flywheel gear, and transmits the torque on the motor DC motor to the engine flywheel, which drives the engine crank rotation. , Make the starting motivation automatically off the gear. The electromagnetic switch is responsible for the circuit between the DC motor and the battery.

When starting, press the ignition switch to power the starter circuit,

The attractive coil and keeping the coil of the relay (the electromagnetic switch in the figure below) are powered on, which generates a strong magnetic force, attracts the iron core to the right, and drives the fork (the driver rod in the figure below). Circle mesh. At the same time, because the current of the attractive coil is through the electric motor winding, the engine has begun to rotate, and the gear is moved out of the rotation to reduce the impact.

Note that the picture above is only a basic schematic diagram, and there may be entry and exit with the actual situation.

At the bottom of the figure above, the electromagnetic coil control the fork to move the gear to contact the flywheel

The gear shrinks when the gear is not started

When starting, the gear is shot for a fork to launch contact with the flywheel

The yellow part of the soil in the figure above is a fork

Carbon brush rack and spring

Start the motor on the host

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