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  • JLG 1001129621 Bonded Tire
  • JLG 1001129621 Bonded Tire

JLG 1001129621 Bonded Tire

Comparable parts -100% Quality Guaranteed
Model:  R10
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Brand: Comparable - Horizon
Model:  R10
Weight:    20 KG
Dimensions:   ф380×130 British:16×5    Metric : 406mm*125mm     
Wheel Core: Nodular Cast Iron

How Horizon Choose the Best Scissor Lift Tires 
——Solid Choice under Strict Testing

The retreaded tires with mixed prices have been hitting the market for almost a year.
To be free from this dilemma, Horizon has set up a comparative test of tire performance under the extreme operating conditions. The subjects of this test are orginal,
Horizon supplier A/B/C and two low cost aftermarket suppliers.

Testing Method:
1.Install the new test tires and rim assemblies on the same equipment, keeping the platform load at 230kg.
2.Operate the vehicle to walk back and forth along the test bench, the process should be carried out continuously without any interruption or artificial cooling of the tire,and the test load shall be kept unchanged the whole time.
3.Observe the state of the tire every 2 hours according to the specified procedures and take photos to record the test times until the tire reaches scrapping standard.

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